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Prostate Cancer Foundation Crowdfunding Effort - FYI

Hey there,

I'm not certain if this is allowed, but since the focus is on PCa, I would think some of you might be interested. I just became one of the first members of a new movement to crowdfund the cure to prostate cancer.

I care deeply about ending this disease, and now the Prostate Cancer Foundation is about to launch a massive new effort to fund the final research that will end prostate cancer once and for all.

It’s called Many vs Cancer, and it will be the greatest crowdfunding effort the world has ever seen — the fight to fund the cure for a disease that affects 14 million men around the world. And because prostate cancer shares a genetic blueprint with at least 13 other cancers — including breast, ovarian, lung and colon — the funds we raise will save millions more lives.

I’m part of the of first group of leaders who will help build this community once it launches. We’ll create the first fundraisers, teams and events — and recruit many thousands of other people to participate.

Will you join me? Sign up to be the First of Many:


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Already there, brother.


Already have joined.


I see this is a ".org." Is it a U.S. 501(c)(3) nonprofit? If so, it will be much more attractive to many people for making a more substantial contribution, & it should specify on the crowdfund page that it is a U.S. 501(c)(3), and contributions are tax-deductible. Thank you ver much for posting this, & for obtaining an answer to my question.


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