Climbing Everest

When I see the cover photo from this site , I am reminded of a Man from the past that was a frequent poster in these groups, named Robert Young who named his cancer journey "Climbing Everest", He also had a good read on his prostate cancer blog for those that are interested at it was informational. here is his site. .


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  • Yes, I remember Robert Young's messages. Let's take a moment to remember him...along with all the others who have passed.


  • I agree Herb, Off the top off my hear I can think of John Arnold , Ludwick Paparerlis, and others will come to mind


  • How could I ever forget to mention My Friend David Emerson who started a foundation as a benefit to prostate Cancer. And Howard Hanson who was a researcher who taught us all a lot, May they and all the other Brothers who have gone before us rest in peace

  • His journals preceded my diagnosis this year. I spent some time reading his postings. It is sad, sobering, but also a testament to his character. Sad for those left behind.

  • Dan,

    What year did Robert Young die?


  • Rich, He died in June of 2003, Robert took it on his own terms, and that was before zytiga . xtandi, and so much new research, he was originally dxed afer a few years of bone pain with psa in the thousands and widespread metastatic disease, I think he went for more qualitity than quantity, His writings are very good as he gives his experience with the mental aspect of stage 4, mine were not the same. all of it is a good read

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