Advanced Prostate Cancer

Metallic Ions/Chelation/Copper

There are some studies that try to explain why Xtandi[x], and Zytiga[z], that start out working, comes to failure in advanced prostate cancer patients. It appears from some data of certain papers that some Pca cells have a metallic ion as part of their cellular makeup. The valance appears to be a plus 2, of the metallic ion. Copper is the metallic ion being identified. This would as we look at molecules in structural chemistry, cause the cancer cell to be electrically unbalanced. Where one side of the cell is more positive and the other side more negative. What is proposed here is that as the drugs x&z does its work, that at some point in order to do a work around the drug, and protect itself, the cell finds a way to turn its electrically positive side to the x&z positive side. As analysis of these complex molecules, shows that these drugs also have a side of each molecule that is more electrically positive than another side of the molecule. Thus in simple language, the drug molecules are not electrically neutral. The terms of electrical bonding is the science of determination of what is stated.

So we are looking at the cancer cell turning its positive side, probably where the metallic ion is to face the positive side of the drugs to repel them, not allowing them to reach the receptors, of the Pca cells. Now not all cancer cells have a metallic ion, or copper ion attached, into their structure. And it could be proposed by intuition, that the theory of the AR-V7 gene splice in the on position, interfering with the drugs x&z, may be synergistically involved with the metallic ion of the cancer cell. A complex interaction, not clearly understood. This would be my opinion, based on looking at the molecular structure of the drugs x&z, with the assumption of the metallic ion being present. Later data here, and findings are needed to provide some relevance of the above.

There is enough information to assume the metallic ion is copper. Small amounts of copper are essential for good health. Humans are exposed to copper daily, from air, water, foods, or contact with pennies. High levels of copper in the body are harmful, and known to cause Wilson's disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Stomach Ulcers, Epilepsy, Diabetes, and CANCER. Copper can produce reactive oxygen species, peroxidize lipids[fats], and most interestingly, directly cleave RNA and DNA. When you are cleaving, you are creating mutations.

High levels of copper have been found in some cancers, and Prostate Cancer for sure. Copper is an important factor, really a cofactor, acting with other bio activities, generating angiogenesis. We all fear angiogenesis. Rajuet, and Zizch, et al, in a 1982 publication, showed angiogenesis, being uniquely sensitive to bioavailable copper. Copper binding molecules are nonangiogenic, when free of copper, but they become angiogenic when bound to copper. There have been a number of studies with breast cancers where measurement of the amount of copper present in the tumors, showed very poor OS, when levels of copper were high. High levels showed fast aggressive angiogenesis.

But to get to the heart of this dissertation, is that chelation therapy has been around since the 1950's. The primary agent is EDTA. This molecule likes to grab on to metals with valances of plus 2, like copper. I personally had over 400 IV infusions of EDTA, to clear calcified plaque, over a period of 10 years, back in the 1990's. Calcium has a plus 2 valance.

Without going into a series of studies on chelating agents, the drug of choice, though there are others, for triple-negative breast cancer, is Tetrathiomolybdate, also used in Wilson's disease. A costly drug--where EDTA, is made for 2 dollars a pound. Use of this chelating agent, for triple-negative breast cancer has had great results, generating remissions of from 3 to 5 1/2+ years, when TNBC, is a death sentence.

Now for us guys looking for new supplemental alternatives, lets review non-study studies. This is where men with Prostate Cancer, with elevated PSA's, with their Prostates in place, had suppositories laden with 1-2% solution of EDTA, placed inside their rectum. opposite their Prostate. Upon removal the suppositories registered high levels of copper. This means the copper thought to be in the Pca cells were there, and in fact the chelating agent EDTA, drew the copper right out of the Pca cells, and through the rectum wall into the suppository. These non-study studies, showed at the same time major drops in PSA levels. It was like prostate cancer cells converted to normal cells when the copper was removed.

It may be hard to obtain the chelating agent Tetrathiomolybdate, but EDTA is very easy to obtain, and is very strong in its ability to capture metallic ions.

Since the suppository study proved that chelation can remove copper from cancer cells, that there is a probable reason to try EDTA, and see if this chelating agent will remove copper from those of us, that have cancer cells circulating in their blood, or where blood brings biomaterials to formulate angiogenesis. PSA's can prove worthiness, of chelation, and those with Prostates Intact, with disease, suppositories, may be beneficial.

The FDA has approved EDTA for heavy metal burden and men here may wish to investigate IV infusions from Naturopath Doctors, who practice with EDTA. Or you can buy Cardio Chelate From the MRM company, at and follow the instructions called the intense phase. This is 3 Pills, twice a day. As the EDTA picks up metals it picks up good ones also, so you would take a mineral complex, or selected minerals without copper. All chelated minerals are eliminated in the feces, and the kidneys. Drinking extra water during the day is recommended. AS you all know I am not a Doctor, and expect, Gus, Neil, Patrick and Martin, to argue with me.


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actually your article makes a lot of sense but I will probably wait until I get a PSA rise...I am already taking a ton of supplements and this would mean taking 2 more ...I knew about copper generating free radicals but you bring up a lot of good info



Not 2---just adding EDTA--under the name Cardio-Chelate. I am not using, but it is on my night stand---for use when I wake up to pee in the middle of the night---I have the same problem, taking a lot of supplements--so if I ever use EDTA--I have it--and would take at 2-3 in the morning on a bathroom trip. And again at 3PM in the afternoon.



what about taking the mineral supplement


Thought you already had that covered with the other stuff you take--Cardio Chelate comes with calcium, and some C, and sodium, Magnesium is the key not to give up.



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