Halo Photonic System - Possible Ca fighting tool?

I became aware of the Halo Photonic system over the past few days. I note that it is in use at a number of integrative cancer treatment centres including one in Spain. Sonophotodynamic therapy is a commonly used method that has achieved good results in integrative medicine. This is completely different. It uses a torch like device that shines UV light through a series of vials. These vials are aqueous extracts of a range of anti - cancer fighting natural agents. The "torch" delivers the photonic output sub-lingually, i.e. to the mouth, tongue, and throat.

There are various videos on YouTube.

I would be interested in ang feedback - positive or negative.

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  • Absolute rubbish. Yet another thieving quack selling false hope to the desperate. With so many proven therapies for a highly treatable disease, there is no good reason to look elsewhere. See a real doctor. Good luck!

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