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My background is that I was a very successful chemist who started several very successful businesses and now I am an older person with my own history of battling cancer and diabetes I have become focused on doing medical research and writing about what I find that may benefit some people. I created a website, maxlifespan, where I post the latest research I can find on supplements and breakthroughs in cancer, diabetes and other illnesses.

For example, 4-Methylumbelliferone (4-MU or Cantabiline) in one study 4-MU inhibited prostate cancer and bone metastasis in 100% of the animals in the study. Even after stopping treatment, no bone metastases developed. Used in Germany in 1930s to treat metastatic prostate cancer successfully. In recent declassified documents that were originally seized in Operation Paper Clip at the end of World War II, studies by German doctors on German Military Officers and prisoners in concentration camps showed a complete reversal of metastatic prostate cancer.

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I posted on 4-MU and have yet to come across anyone who has benefited from its use...but a number of guys who used it got no results or actually think it made their PCa worse.


maxlifespan in reply to gusgold

Hi, the study done in Miami a few years ago isn't of much use since it involved animals. My personal hobby is anti-gravity research and I review a lot of Freedom of Information (FOI) Request. I found among papers released under a FOI Request covering Operation Paper Clip at the end of WWII. Among the rocket research papers were a group of studies done by Germans doctors at several concentration camps using 4-MU to block metastasis to the bone and the results were impressive. The drug 4-MU successfully blocked metastasis to the bone in advanced cases of prostate cancer. In those studies, there were references to 4-MU being used in Germany as early as 1932 to block metastatic prostate cancer to the bone. NONE of the research I read indicated that 4-MU would reduce the PSA score.

4-MU does NOT reduce the PSA score in my opinion---why should it? It blocks HA synthesis and thereby locks metastasis which would not itself lower the PSA score. But blocking metastasis is pretty good in my opinion.

There are several supplements, like Isosilybin B, that are very effective for lowering PSA. See my website for a complete list compounds that lower PSA.

Isosilybin B is active against both hormone-dependent and hormone-independent prostate cancers.

Isosilybin B causes androgen receptor degradation in human prostate carcinoma cells.

Its mechanism of action is very different from drugs that block androgen receptors and NO resistance to this drug develops like in the case of other androgen blocking drugs.

People might want to discuss with their physician taking a combination of compounds:

4-MU to block metastasis of prostate cancer (it will not lower PSA)

Bicalutamide (Casodex)

Isosilybin B

But be very careful with Isosilybin B since it is an anticoagulant. Many common supplements are anti-coagulants and you should always consult with your physician before taking any supplement.

Ty for your continued work and research

sbmurray in reply to maxlifespan

I think the information you have to share is very helpful. Thanks

Sankirk in reply to maxlifespan

Hello. Hope you’re doing well. My husband is a research chemist, retired. Aggressive prostate cancer, WFPB, low oil diet. well as every natural anti cancer food...fruits, alma, dragons blood, lots that are on dr greger’s site. He’s on lupron which is hell.

Let me know how you’re doing!

maxlifespan in reply to Sankirk

This is a list of the drugs I am taking and that have kept me alive for the 12 years:

Sankirk in reply to maxlifespan

Thanks so much. I’m glad you’re doing well. I assume you are not eating meat or dairy...there are mentions in the literature about people returning to meat, dairy, and a resultant rapid, fatal return of cancer.

maxlifespan in reply to Sankirk

I am on a plant based diet... no meat, no diary, etc. I think the combination of supplements I take are making the difference where each one contributes a little and the sum of their combined effects is keeping me alive..

Thank you for your comments. I am struggling to find answers for myself and sharing information with others might help us all. Bill

I would like more details on the German use of MU-4 which resulted in 100% block of PCa mets. How do I find the description in the actual declassified version of Operation Paperclip? Isn't this something that Oncologists should know about?

I know there was a small study of MU-4 in one of the Florida schools which looked really promising -- but it was done on mice, not men. Do you know if there was ever a clinical trial in the US of MU-4?

The main was done in the concentration camps in Germany during WWII. Some of the Paper Clip documents are declassified and you can find the studies there. It doesn't lowered PSA but it blocks metastasis.

Have more carefully read your very well-researched list... had missed the first item.. plant based! Thank-you for your work.

We’ve both been on whole-food, plant-based, No added OIL, for almost a year.. (I’ve been vegan much longer). He’s lost 27+ kilos (60+ lbs), no more diabetic. Studies ( ) show low oil reduce metastasis.

Re blood thinner aspect. Do you have your clotting time measured? Are you concerned?

Are you on constant Doxycycline? Are you concerned about your microbiota?

Our list is shorter than your’s...does include dragons blood, croton lechleri sap and limited high oil plant food, no added oil.

Last do you ensure purity, authenticity, lack of added toxins.

Sorry this is must get many questions....but how generous and help people avoid lupron or other toxic drugs. Wish my husband had...I’m trying to talk him out of’s a mean, mean toxin.


Your link is broken. Is there another that has the same information? Thanks for all you do.

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