Patrick, Gusgold, et al. Looking back at some unfinished research--that never went further. There were a protocol of tests completed in mice. A number of Herbal supplements, and some in combination, were designated, by code number/letter systems--which I cannot get into, to ascertain what combinations were used, and by what %.

The Various herbs alone or in combination came from this list: licorice, black cohosh, dong quai, false unicorn, vitex berry root extract, fennel seed extract, red clover blossoms extract, genistein, and gamma oryzanol--and were evaluated for antitumor activity in severely immunodeficient mice bearing CWR22R and PC3 xenografts. The designated herbs in combo, in 5 tests, but known only to the researchers, inhibited tumor growth by 53%, 75%, 80%, 81%, and 87%. Tumor growth suppression was observed with all supplements, relative to untreated controls.

There is some other chatter, typical, to research papers--but the combinations of Herbs that produced the above % reductions cannot be found by me.

Their Written Conclusion was: Our results demonstrated that herbal supplements containing the aforementioned extracts inhibit, the growth of Tumor Xenografts, So in plain language I will translate--these Herbs inhibit or stop angiogenesis mechanisms. They then conclude further: that these supplements warrant further investigation, then the trail grows cold. As replication and continuance of these tests seem to have not occurred.


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  • Nal,

    there probably was a reason the research stopped...side effects. Dr. Myers calls supplements dirty drugs and the FDA says high doses act like drugs and is the reason they tried to limit access which led to the passage of DSHEA. Devising a protocol using supplements in high doses is easy like 1000mg glutathione, 10000 IU D3 or 300 mg pterostilbene. But herbs are a different story because they contain so many a high dose herbal supplement not only contains the ingredient you want but also many other ingredients that can be harmful in high doses, which is the reason I stay away from herbal supplements.


  • Gus, then please do not drink Green Tea. There are over 200 individual Chemicals that make up the aroma of Green Tea, and a bit more that make up the molecules in the Tea extracted by hot water. It gets worse for Black Tea, as the Green Tea has been fermented by the individual natural enzymes that are in the Green Tea to make Black Tea. How do I know, I did the basic research on this in the mid-1960's.

    As per always Quoting Meyers---my Doc. has had to fix up a couple of his patients he screwed up, badly--He is not God--and his record though good, is not perfect. I have found it is best to leave the Chemistry to the Chemists, the Physics to the Physicists, the Micro-biology to the Biologists.

    In the Bible Frankincense, is used often as a curative--it was brought to Baby Jesus, by the 3 Wise Men, used in the days of the Old Testament as well as in the New Testament. Used by the Mary's on Jesus as he did lay in His tomb. So what is in this dirty herb, hundreds of chemicals. Many Polyphenols, that some are indicated to have some curative powers for certain ailments.

    BUT, the one chemical it does have, that has shown to be a fighter of angiogenesis of Pca--is the well known 5-Loxin. So what else does 5-Loxin do? I do not know--but it is in that dirty Frankincense, I am glad to eat the dirt.


  • Nal,

    My point is why take frankincense when I can buy the supplement 5-Loxin and take the dose I want..different batches of frankincense will contain different amounts of 5-loxin plus other chemicals that I may not want.


  • Gus and Nal- I wondered what the hell is 5-Loxin? Looks like it reduces inflammation. But then I hit a NCBI Double Blind study of Aflapin vs 5-Loxin. Aflapin wins! But, then, how much to take? It's always "how much"? There are all these great articles on what to take for PCa, but no one ever suggests doses! It's so "inflaming"!

  • My 5-loxin's label from Vitacost--which is the same from Life Extension--reads the same as Aflapin--I do not see a difference, in labels. Maybe some store bought brand is not comparable. Not an issue with me--I will continue with my supplement--thank you very much!


  • Yes, separating the two seems a bit picky. Both are from Boswellia serrata, but Aflapin is supposed to be from the resin. Here's the NCBI study:

    Personally, I'm going with Vitacost.


  • You will be glad you did--as I believe it is also from the resin.


  • I read an article recently that described the anti-cancer properties of Honokiol, an extract of the Magnolia Tree bark. My onc told me to go for it, so I've been taking Honopure, available at Amazon.

    BTW, this is a medical oncologist specializing in PCa. When I first saw him nearly a year ago, he first started me on POMI-T, then followed by Zyflamend. Both of these are combinations of naturally occurring compounds. POMI-T was studied in the UK and demonstrated to reduce PSA.

    Unfortunately, the supplements were not sufficient to augment Lupron. Now on to the next thing.

  • Jal, I am very familiar with Honokiol, and have studied the studies. I have not added it--as I am way over the limit--taking about 20 different things now---granted some are for bone health while on ADT, and some to forester my gym workouts. It seems every week something new comes out--or is written about having negative affects against Pca cells in a test tube. Honokiol is on my consideration list--so I say the same thing---go for it. By the way what drugs are you on, how long, what is your Gleason, and PSA history?


  • Dear Naladrats:

    What are you, specifically, taking for bone mass and muscle loss? For one "round" of ADT I was given a calcium pill. Doesn't seem complete.

  • I forgot to add--very important:

    Vitamin D3, I take 10,000 a day 5000 in morning and 5000 after dinner.

    This all works together, with the minerals and K's. Sorry I forgot--doing things off the top of my head too often.


  • Who ever gave you that pill should go to Diet and Nutrition School and earn a degree.

    OK you know I am not a Doctor so what comes is what I do.'s brand of Vitamin K complex---of K1and K2--one a day after breakfast*

    Country Life's Brand of Calcium-Magnesium Complex chelated, which also has Phosphorous chelate in it. Label will say 1000-500 mg--Chelated. 2 tablets after Breakfast and 2 after dinner.

    Country Life Brand of Potassium Chelate, 99 Mg twice a day with the Cal-mag.

    Natures Way Boron Complex 3 mg after Breakfast only

    Country Life Brand Zinc Chelate--50 Mg once a day after Breakfast only

    I recommend if you are going to be in the gym, doing weigh bearing work, using weights or machines to add Hyaluronic Acid--to give comfort to tendons and ligaments.

    Having a weight program, even without Testosterone can be done--I do it and many others do it.

    Adding L-tyrosine amino acid and creatine, before workouts can get you some mass--but you need to kick the ADT by exercising--weight bearing exercises--also helps overcome the affects of ADT, especially if you exercise before dinner.

    All supplements can be obtained at And I am not a stockholder--great company--fast service.

    * above indicate you cannot use if you are on blood thinner medications. Aspirin is OK.


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