USA Pharmacy Removing Cancer Treatment Drugs in 2017

Over 20,000 from our Prostate Cancer community have signed...please sign, too!

Please sign this pledge! CVS Pharmacy will hurt many cancer patients by removing dozens of cancer treatment drugs, like leukemia drug Tasigna, prostate cancer drug Xtandi and chemotherapy treatment drug Neupogen, from their formulary, starting in 2017. CVS claims these drugs cost too much. Go ahead and tell that to my insurance provider and Medicare but don’t stop selling these drugs to me and millions of cancer patients.

4 Replies

  • When I select my Medicare Drug D plan each year, after I compare prices for the drugs I am currently using, I always do a secondary estimate using Zytiga and then Xtandi. I know these will be expensive even under a plan but I need to know that the plan I select is consistent in it's practices for these as well as the "nickel and dime" ones.

  • Signed the petition.

  • I signed the petition but Caremark is only half of the problem. The real culprits are the pharmaceutical companies that raise the rates for established drugs by hundreds if not thousands of percents. Do not know the solution. If we push the drug companies to hard they will just stop manufacturing them and stop research into next generation drugs.

  • I signed.

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