David's story - 7 years with metastatic prostate cancer hits 1,000 views

I just noticed that my YouTube video "David's Story" hit 1,000 views today.

More than seven and a half years ago David was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. David tells the story of his journey over those years.

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  • The title of this video brings a tear to my eye, as it makes me think of one of the greatest warriors this disease has known, David Emerson. David was nonstop with raising money and awareness for prostate cancer since his stage 4 diagnosis through a foundation he started Faith, Hope Love ,win. He was just 42 I think at his diagnosis. David always kept us informed through his blog or through the advanced prostate cancer list. Unfortunately David lost his battle This David in the video has fought the good fight too, being in his 7th year and helping others as he has.


  • I enjoy his story. Thank you!

  • Tx David for your honest and forthcoming conversation with us PC survivors. Palliative care is a real option, and I am glad U discussed it. Doc Rok

  • So sad. Too bad early chemo intervention was not available.


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