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Once again, I have a free copy of the latest issue, so assume that anyone who had signed-up for the email notification would have access too. On that basis, I provide the link:


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  • Patrick, Thank you for posting , and for all your research, I do not know how you do it , I had just read my free copy this morning, Galeterone looks very promising as a better form of anti androgen than either xtandi or zytiga, I hope it is available soon. I checked for clinical trials and I have one within 50 miles. Maybe when I am done with initial taxotere, Galeterone will be available. Though I had slight progression on scans and psa recently, I decided to put of chemo for 6 weeks to enjoy my summer, then if no improvement I will try it.


  • PJ than you for sending this link to Dr. Myers's Prostatepedia - can people still sign up to get the free issues and if yes where do we go to do this.


  • George,

    I don't know why I currently have free access. If I had paid for the copy, I wouldn't feel free to post the link to the group. I assume it's a mistake since the individual subscription is $55 / year:

    I signed up for Dr Myers vblog posts some years back, & so I get emails about the latest Prostatepedia. To sign up, key your email address & hit Enter:


  • Ok, well thanks for posting and sharing with us - very good information.


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