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I don't know if it was a mistake that the latest Prostatepedia heads-up from Dr. Myers has a link to the full text. Usually, it is only available to paying subscribers (which I am not). Great moral dilemma - do I pass it on?

Well, I could tell everyone that by signing up for the notification, they could read the June issue for free. So I might as well provide the link:



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  • Thanks, Patrick! Very timely article, considering the crossroads I'm at in my treatment!

  • hi Patrick,

    i've been a Prostapedia subscriber for many years, but, because of some kind of a computer glitch, lately have been unable to either watch the video or read the hard copy. Dr myers does not provide any contact means by which i can tell him of my problems with his site.

    so, thanks for the link


  • Hi Michael,

    Whoever handles the vblog etc, for Dr Myers does seem plagued by technical difficulties.

    If the ~weekly link doesn't work for me, I can usually get to the vblog via:


    Incidentally, for newcomers looking for a quick education, you might benefit by scrolling back through his posts to the very first.

    {Michael - here's a contact you might try:

    Jessica Myers-Schecter <jessica@prostatepedia.net>}


  • patrick

    thanks for the jessica myers address


  • AND, besides, Patrick, it could actually introduce Myers to many who don't know about him..


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