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Proctitis Update 2

Two weeks since the Formalin treatment to stop the bleeding. Good news no more bleeding, bad news i spent 3 days in the hospital this week for pain management. My sphincter goes into spasm and clamps shut causing an extreme amount of pain. The oncologist says it's because the colon has become stiff by the anus making me feel like i have to go constantly, and any amount of pushing starts the spasm that can last up 3o seconds each time. He has seen less than 10 cases like this in the last 25 years. Lucky me. 

The solution was admission to the hospital for pain management. After doses of IV morphine, they put me on oxycodone as needed for pain, morphine sulfer, and pentoxifylline to stop the spasms. Plus milk of magnesia and stool softeners to ease the constipation from the pain killers. Phew...

As of now I feel like I'm making progress and hopefully I won't have to post a part 3.

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John I don't know if this can help you with pain but it has helped me on a daily routine. I am not saying it will definitely work for you but it may help. I have been using CBD for pain daily for about 2 years with very good results. CBD comes from the hemp plant and doesn't contain THC that gives cannabis the high and it's legal in all states. I get mine from hemplife and from CW Botanicals. If you buy some make it a smaller amount to see if it will work for you. You will need to adjust the amount you take up or down to find the correct dose. You can't OD on this stuff and it has no known side effects. It also lessons the side effects from chemotherapy.  If you try it let me know if it works for you.


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I have the same issues. The description of your struggle is precisely what is going on for me. Thanks for posting I will talk to my doc.

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Looking forward to not seeing a third post.  Hope that your body settles down soon, it will take a little time, but hopefully the bleeding will be a thing of the past.


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Hi Joel,

Hate to pester you again with another question, but here it goes. I just now noticed blood in my urine and i passed 3 small clots. Thoughts?


Hi John,

I would give the doc a call and let them know.  It probably isn't anything, but let the doc know, especially if you have anymore blood in your urine. 


Thanks Joel. 


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