Advanced Prostate Cancer
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There Is Hope

I've be battling Prostate Cancer for 15 years, from seeds to Casodex to Zytiga with VERY MINIMAL SIDE AFFECTS. My recommendation to newcomers is to join a support group in your area, and go to the Prostate Cancer Research Institute conference in Los Angeles every September. The best advice on up and coming Procedures, Drugs, and Diagnostic tools in the country, HTTP:// PCRI.ORG 

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Are the presentations designed to be comprehensible & interesting to patients & caretakers?


This is a very professional event that while very comprehensive on the topics presented, also aimed at the layman/patient/caregiver. I have attended 5 meetings and found them a vital part of my responsibility to fight & understand this beast.

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Thank you, Abby--I'm convinced. And thank you to Spitzz, who brought up attending the PCRI conference in the first place.


They are comprehensive, VERY INTERESTING, and there is personal Q & A after each lecture. You will come away informed, hopeful and take information back to your oncologist. You have to be your own advocate.


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