Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Good morning.  I'm new to HealthUnlocked.  I have metastatic prostate cancer, initially detected in March 2014 with a PSA 7, a Gleason Score of 4+4.  I'm on Lupron and have recently entered a trial in December 2015 using both Lupron and Xtandi.  So far so good.  My PSA has been undetectable and the bone lesions (2) have shrunk by 40%.  Since starting Xtandi, I have felt fatigue.  However, by taking the medication in the evening and an afternoon nap has helped in reducing my loss of energy.

I belong to an USTOO (national) support group in Pleasant Hill, Ca that meets twice monthly.  The group has been excellent in helping me to understand the disease and some of the treatment options.

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Welcome.  It's great to have a mix of people from all around the world, and from lots of different support groups.   You mentioned that you feel "fatigue."  What kinds of activities does your fatigue keep you from doing?   


It doesn't keep from doing anything.  It affects the number of things  I can get done in a day.  An afternoon nap rejuvenates me.  It's very analogous to having had a long day, feeling sleepy, sitting down in a chair and actually falling asleep.


Many people have reported that doing vigorous exercise regularly cuts back on fatigue. 



Joel I've started to take long walks again.  It helps


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