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Charity Event-Prostate Cancer

Hello, I am 23 years old and going through a tough time at the moment, my dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer and is due to start his radiotherapy of 30 intense sessions starting Monday. Since finding out just before Christmas I have looked into different events to try and take my mind of it and also support other people going through or have been through cancer situations. I have signed up to do a 25000ft sky dive to raise money for The Chrisies based in Manchester who are treating my dad, they have been fantastic and so supportive by doing this event in April on my 24th birthday it will be a brilliant opportunity to thank all the staff who work there and the nurses who are supporting my dad and all my family. I have set a fundraising page up through Christies on just giving if any one would kindly sponsor me and support me through the event or come down to watch then that would be amazing! My page is also if you tick the justgivingaid box on my page when you donate that will increase your donation by the government with out charging you more. Thank you for reading my story and your support. All the best.


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Hi Kim

Thank you for your email. You are, undoubtedly, a massive support to your Dad. I hope that your fundraiser gets the support it deserves. You and your Dad are invited to read through for more information about prostate cancer and radiation treatment. Good luck on your Skydive!

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Hi Darrly,

Thank you for your message :)

My dad and I have always been close he is all I have aswell as my younger sister so doing this Sky dive means so much to us all. Is there away of getting more people to donate on my just giving page that you could advice me to do? I have a target of £400 to make by the 14th April I'm already £100 there so I need £300 for my target and anything extra will be a fantastic bonus.

I'm going to the hospital to see my dad tomorrow so il show him the information you gave me I'm sure it will be very useful and supportive, thank you.


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