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Would you please help keep our prostate cancer community a valuable resource by donating at https://malecare.org/donate We all thank you.

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I am sorry but I am suffering from financial toxicity after prostate cancer and a whipple procedure. Thanks for all that you do for us, Roger Wegner

Donating now

I want to make a donation with a credit card, but the page will not load. I've tried several times with both emails. Is there another way?

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DarrylPartner in reply to Okay4now

Hi. thanks for your support. I just tried malecare.org/donate and it worked for all of my browsers. Please try again. Perhaps you simply need to clear your cache?

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Okay4now in reply to Darryl

Done! Thanks, Darryl. And thank you for the information and inspiration!

Donating now

Donating now. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks Darryl only just seen this will do today 👍