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Is it an ADHD trait to gain psychosomatic issues every time i start something new?

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Yeah so i am John from germany and i am new here. This is the one question i am really asking myself. for example i remember founding my company in 2015 and right by founding it i got nausea and some months later toothaches. Those symptoms are gone instead i have different ones. Do you think that's some sort of adhd trait or another disease?

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Hi, J. Your suspicion is not an unfounded one. ADHD does intensify our feelings, including our sensitivity to body aches, etc. It may not be the root cause, although it can make things harder to deal with.

Psychological issues does somatize as a variety of symptoms, it is like your body is trying to tell you that something is not right with you. It may be a good thing to look for a psychologist, so you may explore your mind and get to know the triggers that are causing those reactions. Then you can bring it to surface and deal with it, defusing those landmines.

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