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ADHD Weekly -- Who Are the Social Media Influencers Reducing ADHD Stigma?

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Who are you following on social media? Popular influencers can help to shape your understanding of ADHD. Read "Who Are the Social Media Influencers Reducing ADHD Stigma?" at and let us know who your favorite influencers are.

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Call me old if you like, but i really do not think that so-called social media "influencers" do very much of any consequence. While some people do, sadly, get their information from social media, looking for information of any value on those platforms is roughly equivalent to trying to find a diamond in a dung heap.

I agree with you: there is a lot of misleading information out there, as there is usually no assessment of information; they are just there, in the most fancy and appealing package ever.

We are forced to dedicate a lot of time to pick nugets from dirt. Nonetheless, there are good things amid it. People that are really true and serious about it.

Hi, Karen!

I really love the way Mr. William Curb, from Hacking Your ADHD Podcast ( talk about our everyday struggles. It is like a really good CBT.

I am learning a lot with him and also from his colleagues, in this podcast network:

I am eager to see other's suggestions.


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