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Adderall Questions

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Hi guys. My roommate is about to start taking Adderall for the first time and she is very nervous about it. She was originally on Zoloft 50mg once a day but is now transferred to Adderall that she has to take twice a day.

If anyone has taken Adderall can you share your experience please? Or any tips/warnings for her.

Thank you I really appreciate!

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Oh my goodness Lavender212, it's been such a long time. Good to see you. 😄 I've taken Adderall for ADHD l. It was okay. helpful for my problems with staying on task and staying focused. Downside for me was it made me hungry and sometimes it made my anxiety worse. 😭. How's the violin going? I'm still not practicing as much as I should to be honest lol. message me would love to chat.

Drink lots of water and don't forget to eat.

Hello, I started about a month ago with 5mg xr Adderal and it has certainly been a life changer for me. The good thing about the medication is if your roommate takes it and it makes them feel weird then they can just stop taking it and look for something else. I was nervous too and didn’t know what to expect but so glad I took the chance. It was definitely not what I thought it was going to be. Good luck.

Impossible because we all respond so differently to Adderall and just about every other medication. What does is your friend going on. Odd to stop Zoloft, which is for depression and anxiety, and start on Adderall, which is for ADHD.

Very strange. I hope roommate is going to a good doctor who knows what they are doing. Much more common for people to be on Zoloft (for mood) and Adderall (for ADHD).

Hello Lavender 212!

I was taking 4mg klonopin for about 8 years and have tried various other prescriptions, including zoloft, for anxiety.

I can't say that I'm not still vulnerable to anxiety, but I can say that when things are healthy (eating, sleeping, etc) Adderall produces calm in me because it doesn't feel like I'm constantly about to lose my train of thought. If I haven't slept well, or if I neglect water and food, I can feel a bit nervous or jumpy with Adderall, and the time about 6 hours after I take my Adderall can be easier to feel deflated and worried. Knowing that my mood might dip can help me combat it. Sleeping, exercising and eating well have been the best factor for me though!

I hope this helps, I'm only on break at the moment!

Speaking for myself it's been a life-changer. I take the generic version so it's very affordable. . Amphetamines have always done me well... more energy, focus, self-confidence....however, I also take the antidepressant Paxil. I've been on that for so long, way before I started Adderall so I am not going to risk stopping at this point. Good luck to you!!! I wish I could have been diagnosed at your age, life could have been very different. PEACE!

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