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Is there a new government regulation requiring drug tests and office visits every 3 months for Ritalin?

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I am being told by my PCP, who prescribes my Ritalin, that a new government regulation is now requiring a yearly drug test and a video or office visit every 3 months. Has anyone else been told this? I've been on Ritalin for 20 years.

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Not Federally, to my knowledge; but some of the States have done exactly this--or worse, quarterly testing; and it falls neatly along lines of so-called conservative versus so-called liberal majorities in their legislatures--especially if the same party holds the governor's office, as well.

While they don't seem to have pulled off testing requirements, where I live (several very large cities provide enough opposition to effect a stalemate), I'm sure they're trying.

Where I grew up, anyone taking any pain or “psychiatric” medication now has to be tested quarterly: I'm surprised they didn't try to extend that to any, maintenance medication, whatsoever—holding people hostage on pain of refusing to treat conditions that could kill them seemed like their style (and was already true for some, progressive, neurologic conditions known to be mitigated by substances they prohibit).

I suppose it's obvious I take a dim view of the politicization of medical treatment...

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I think they are testing to make sure you're taking the drug as opposed to selling it Also, some places test for taking street drugs along with prescribed medication.

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HadEnuf in reply to 18w4830

You “think”?

The OP was looking for facts. I offered facts.

FACT: I have lived where healthcare providers are forced to test anyone taking any of a long list of medications (not only controlled substances) for everything: even an antidepressant with zero street value can mean peeing in a cup four times a year, and even breathing where one can smell someone else smoking a joint can lead to complete denial of further treatment.

FACT: The only justification they offer appears to be a blatant political ploy to please an authoritarian, ableist political base, often in religious, “pray it away” denial of difficulties most of them will never experience.

FACT: I know people, there, who contemplated suicide because they were disabled by inadequate pain or depression control, and could no longer risk even a CBD supplement they KNEW to be an effective adjunct therapy. (FACT: Hemp extracts can contain ineffectual traces of THC that nevertheless appear on tests.)

FACT: I personally lost access to what had been effective ADHD medication because it wouldn't register on a test, EVEN WHEN TAKEN UNDER OBSERVATION. Even though THE PROVIDER AGREED THE RESULTS WERE MISLEADING, they were required to deny treatment; and the resulting loss of “symptom” control likely cost me the job keeping me in that place.

Obviously, I have a “problem” with politically-motivated policy that interferes with practice of medicine; and I do not accept excuses contradicted by evidence I have witnessed directly.

I especially take no excuses from those who exploit the vulnerable for political gain, by pointing a metaphoric gun at their heads and threatening to push them off a cliff—into their own, personal Hell—if they do much as APPEAR to misstep.

I have not heard of it being a state requirement in this neck of the woods. Yet, I was told that Ritalin and THC are contraindicated and consequently my medical provider requires randomized drug testing. I know it's not a state requirement b/c friends of mine in the same ADHD circle with different medical providers do not require it.

I lived in Colorado and Colorado requires people to be seen every 3 months for adderall or any stimulants. Colorado doesnt required a drug test.

I moved to upstate NY 2 yrs ago and went to a psychiatrist for refill of adderall and he told me that he was going to drug test me for THC if he prescribed me adderall.

And now I have a private psychiatrist in upstate NY and she said that the state requires that we meet every 3 months or sooner to prescribe Adderall. She also prescribes medical THC to me along with Adderall. so 🤷🏻‍♀️.

Doctors make up their own rules based on their own world views and biases that are often based on misinformation.

"Doctors make up their own rules based on their own world views and biases that are often based on misinformation"

I find this to be true in Indiana. It is very annoying and sad. Doctors no longer care about what is best for their patients anymore!

I'm in North Carolina and my understanding is that we have to meet a minimum of every 3 months for controlled substance prescription. Once I get my meds all figured out I plan on asking my GP to take over my prescription as he costs a lot less to see than my psyc. I'll ask if he'll be able to skip the every 3 month check in but I doubt it.

I have not heard anything about testing here though. I feel that if you have a psyc. that make you feel like you're a drug addict you should shop around and find someone who does not have negative bias towards those with ADHD. Many "professionals" still consider it a fake disorder. You should never be made to feel ashamed for asking for the medicine you need to function on a day to day basis especially by the Dr. you pay.

Definitely do some research through actual state and gov. agencies and find out if there are indeed laws in your area / state so you can make sure they aren't blowing smoke up your rear. People make things up all the time just so they don't have to explain their bad business policies. Know your rights so you can advocate for yourself appropriately.

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