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MyDiscovery of having ADHD freaks me out

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Hey there Guys, I’ve been questioning myself for sometime now and after a little research, I found out it might be ADHD…

Need help to understand it better Guys….

Your opinions are very much welcome 🙏

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Morning! Bless you! 🙏

It’s deffo worth going for an official diagnosis if you think you have ADHD.

If you wanna follow up with more specific questions that would help, but here are some common traits of people with ADHD:


Disorganization and problems prioritizing

Poor time management skills

Problems focusing on a task

Trouble multitasking

Excessive activity or restlessness

Poor planning

Low frustration tolerance

Frequent mood swings

Problems following through and completing tasks

Hot temper

Trouble coping with stress

Good luck!

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wtfadhd in reply to DW44

yes and to be even more specific- impulsiveness with emotions and actions

struggles in all areas of executive functioning to include awareness of time management

not problems focussing on tasks- because hyper focus can be a super power- but serious problems not being able to focus on tasks that you dont personally find interesting!

RSD- rejection sensitivity dysmorphia

when women say “ moodswings” doctors usually dx with bipolar. its unfortunate!!

but moodswings lasting extended periods is indicative of bipolar- adhd mood swings are more frequent, only last a bit, then we cool down. we go from 2- 10 in five seconds. bipolar moodswings look WAY different than ADHD moodswings.

stormy relationships

tons of unfinished projects bc we get easily bored and then super into something else instead.

the DSM has a list of symptoms but as the tral ADHD experts always point out- up until 1968 ish- ADHD was considered a mood n emotional regulation disorder. since science cant measure that- they took it out of DSM. ugh

is it possible for you to see an ADHD professional to diagnose and treat you. you will have much better outcomes!!!

good luck!!!

Hi Ancient-Love,

It sounds like you don't know that you have ADHD, but you suspect it.

If so, the first step is to get an official diagnosis, because it's possible you may not have it. If it impacts your life negatively and you'd like assistance with managing it, you will need an official diagnosis first, and confirmation of which specific symptoms you have, how it manifests in your life and to what degree and in which areas of life it makes things difficult for you.

If you do have it, then welcome to the party! lol

I'm curious what is driving the feeling of being "freaked out" about the possibility that you might have it? Can you let us know? That might help us to help you better :)

Upon confirmation of a diagnosis, many different emotions and reactions are normal! There are a wide range, including surprise, sadness, anger and distress, but also often joy and confidence. Don't be afraid to feel your feelings and explore the range of reactions you might have.


Hi this Shnookie. I would suggest finding out if U indeed have ADHD. Try not to let it freak U out. There is an organization called CHADD located in Maryland. They deal with all kind of ADHD issues and have free webinars dealing with various ADHD issues. There R also life coaches if U choose to hire ☝️ one. Find a therapist who specializes in ADHD. There is also cognitive Behavior therapy which is a very helpful tool. Also U have Found this support group. U can express yourself freely without judgment. I’m here 4 U.

Hugs 🤗 S

+1 to what everyone else said. This shows up slightly different in everyone but the core question is do these symptoms impact your quality of life?

Find a therapist that specializes in ADHD and if you don't have it they can still help you with whatever you might be struggling with. I found a really good therapist and she has been able to help with all kinds of strategies and tools.

Get educated. Find lectures online, get books or audio books and learn as much as you can. This "disorder" is very misunderstood by most. I didn't really discover how immense an impact it has on my life until I took an ADHD couples seminar with my wife and it was eye opening for the both of us.

Something to keep in mind if it turns out you have ADHD. It is by far the most treatable mental health deficit. Medication is helpful for most but many don't need it at all or only use it when they need it.

Good luck and circle back if you find that you need some support or have any more questions.

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