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Forgotten Injury

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I stubbed my toe yesterday and was quickly distracted. I pretty much forgot I was in pain. That night I was walking and my toe hurt. I thought, why does my toe hurt? Completely forgetting that I injured it. Woke up this morning and it was purple and swollen and all of a sudden a remembered stubbing my toe. Being distracted from pain might be the first positive thing for my ADHD

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Ahhh! Positive but negative. I guess negative bc, what happens when it needs to be checked out?

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Majbahj in reply to Majbahj

I don't think people around me understand how not hard it is to forget important stuff like "OMG MY FOOT!" They don't believe you can be taken away from the moment with minimal distraction.

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Spacehead in reply to Majbahj

Yeah it’s crazy. I was diagnosed recently and before I was, I thought I started developing Alzheimer’s at age 43.

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Spacehead in reply to Majbahj

I’ll make an appointment but probably forget the date 😜

I'm like that also. I'll be nursing a headache and thinking, "I never get headaches, why now?". Much later I realize that I have not eaten anything for two days!

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