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New and struggling with classes

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Hi I'm new and I am SOOO happy I found this. I have never interacted with any one else with ADHD (that I know of) and I guess I just want to ask what is one the one piece of advice you would give a student with ADHD. Currently taking college classes and any advice I get is pretty standard for every student or along the lines of "how did you manage it through high school?" (I didn't I hung on by the skin of my teeth since I was diagnosed at 8) but I was wondering if any of you have any advice specifically for dealing with college and ADHD. Thanks in advance sorry for the long post (any advice for paying attention during zoom calls would also be appreciated)

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Hi PoTayTo- cool name by the way. Congratulations on pushing through and finishing high-school. I am also new to this college endeavor and I can say Time management is the one thing seeming to help me. If your new to college please try to be kind to yourself and don't take on more units then your schedule will allow.

My first semester I took one class, this semester I am taking two and next semester I plan to take 3 classes. Go at your own pace to set yourself up for success.

My teacher tends to post all 8 assignments on Saturday and I start working on completing majority that same day.

Yes I am giving up my weekends now, to have a better life later. Save down time for spring break or holidays.

I remember the anxiety I felt from procrastinating until the day before an assignment was due to start working on it, causing self doubt and resulting in me dropping the class.

This time around I'm determined to beat the lie of procrastination that I have time to complete the assignment later. Later is a bad place to visit. Stay clear of Later.

After speaking with other classmates I've learned that college it's necessarily about how smart you are, Unless your going to Harvard or Yale, but how well you manage your time.

Complete all assignments the same day they are assigned.

Congratulations again I truly hope this helps you.

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I'll give it a shot thanks for taking the time to reply. Stay clear of later might have to become my new motto

Hey PoTayTo,

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet.

When I was getting my bachelors, I realized that I could not get anything done in my dorm room. I got awful grades my first semester and thought that I would flunk out of college. Therefore, I decided to go to the library daily to get my work done.

Establishing a routine is key!

Backpack ready with work, I first had dinner with roommates/friends every day at 5:00pm then walked over to the library and studied from 6pm-8pm. I prioritized that days work by closet due dates of assignments. Rain or shine Monday - Thursday, I was at the library from 6-8pm. Which in turn freed up my weekends! I was able to graduate with a 3.5 GPA. Don’t get discourage, its hard, but you got this! You just need to find a routine that works for you. Hope this helps!


Thank you this actually helps alot and gives me some hope thanks alot :)

I dropped out of college 4 times, each time I tried what others wanted for me, but what I didn't want for myself. Personally, each time I tried in college, I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. I just figured that going to college was the only way to get respect in my life from others like family and friends.. But then I did some inner work and realized I didn't care what others thought of me. That's when I stopped trying to please them and figure our what I wanted by searching in a new direction outside the traditional norm of what the majority of people were doing. That is where we ADHDer's ( Geniuses) differ from most we see the bigger picture in life. There are a hundred different ways that will lead to your goals. In my experience doing what the majority of people are not doing is a sure-fire way of coming out on top. ;) You got this

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