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Where have you been?!

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Brand New!Only 3 weeks ago I discovered I actually DO have this Gift..and it is WHY I drank alcoholically and why..why.. why..everything in my life went to shit, led to almost total destruction...I am blown away that you are here..that only NOW I have heard of ADDA....Not 1 psychiatrist, or M.D. in 60 years of seeking answers, has ever offered any solutions, or support, other than prescribing (incorrectly) adderrall. So much more to know!!

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Hi. Welcome to very unique club. I understand a lot of what you've experienced (was 47 when diagnosed. That was after 20+ years of seeing reg Drs and every type of Mental Health Pro there are. I got diagnosed actually by accident-but extremely glad it happened. How many more like us are out there? How much are these Rehab places making, all while missing the main problem?) I truly understand the whys and ifs. But try to let that go if at all possible. They can be insidious if they get in your head. Educate your self all that you can on ADHD, but try not to burn yourself out on that either. Try to stay positive. You've found a big piece of your puzzle. There are plenty more bumps in the road for you, like most of us, but your road just got brighter!

I have researched non stop for 3 weeks,,,and everything is pointing to the same thing,,,,there is a simple treatment that doenst cost much and b..ig. farma cant cash in like they can with the carousel choices of anti depressants,,opioids,,sleeping pills. treatment centers,,,we've been bam boozzled,,,my sister has had this soooo bad since 1956....4 mo ago they found her shut in..hoarding...unable to care for herself..until 3 weeks ago..we sisters said.."Oh Roberta! probably all the drugs, or dementia"...I called her yesterday...btw she's doing great...I asked her what they're giving her for her ADHA....she said, prozac and trazedone to sleep...I asked her about adderall and I swear to God she said she has never been prescribed that!

is this an auto reply or is this actually someone writing to me?

I was also recently diagnosed. I’m 43 and no one caught it. Still trying to find the right treatment

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