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ADHD Survey

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I am a first-year psychology student looking for girls and women who are diagnosed with ADHD to answer some of my questions so I can write an essay for my cognitive psychology class.

In my research, I would like to explore the general experiences of women with this disorder, the stigma around females with ADHD, and see how exactly do the symptoms differ between the sexes.

The survey is anonymous and would only take about 3 minutes to fill out.

Thank you for your time and contribution! :)

Here's the link:

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You might want to to take a look at the work of Dr. Patricia Quinn for your literature review (if you aren't already):

Thank you!

No problem! 🙂

Here's something else I remembered seeing on this topic:

Good luck with your forthcoming assignment! Lengthy writing tasks have become increasingly problematic for me in my time in H.E.

Thanks also to Definition Reclaimed for the post. I have watched the start of the webinar and already there are some very interesting observations.

Thank you I'll do my best! :)

Glad you liked the resources I shared! I may be the wrong demographic for the survey, but at least I can contribute by sharing some of my research. 🙂

Hey! I wrote a lot and hope you find it useful 🌻

Thank you, I really appreciate it! :)

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Done ✅

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Thank you! :)

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