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What has been the most natural way that has helped you combat your ADHD symptoms? For me working out is #1

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Great question! For me, a consistent sleep routine and doing my difficult focus-needing tasks first thing in the morning.

Working out definitely helps manage my symptoms, but some days I have to try and find the motivation to exercise. 🥴

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Something I started doing 2 years ago (before I even knew I had adhd) and has helped my motivation are 30 day challenges. Once you get moving you don’t want to stop!

30 day challenges? Sounds interesting. Like challenges to accomplish something within 30 days? ... or do something for 30 days? Or ... ??

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Leonine1, it could really be made for anything you wanted to accomplish. I generally make them for working out to motivate me to move and to stay accountable, however, I have made them for goals as well. For example, I buy a wall calendar (it’s easier for me not to lose 😂) and write in 4-5 exercises a day in gradually increasing repetitions throughout the month. Every 5 days I plan a rest day. So at the beginning of the month your reps are small (5, 10, 15) but by the end of the month you are doing 100+ reps. Its a great way to stay in shape and crossing off a day on a 30 day challenge is a dopamine boost too!

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