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Hi everyone, just writing because I started taking vyvanse again after 7 years of being off it. They started me on 20 mg and we are going to move up the dosage later on. I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or tricks for the insomnia aspect of the drug. I already take melatonin at night and smoke a bowl to help me sleep. However, I either have trouble getting tired enough to fall asleep or I wake up to pee and then can't fall back asleep.

Any advice helps as this is day 3 of very little sleep and I'm slowly getting sleep deprived. I'm even eating pistachios because they have natural melatonin. I'm not sure how I managed when I was younger because I don't remember not sleeping 😅

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Blackedout - I take a higher dose of Vyvanse than that, and sometimes have sleep issues, though usually it's more an issue of staying asleep than an issue with falling asleep in the first place (so I'm not even sure if my sleep issues are actually connected to the Vyvanse, or are just general ADHD sleep issues; see: additudemag.com/adhd-sleep-... ). I take trazadone before bed, which I've found helps more than melatonin (which I found helps with the falling asleep part, but tended to wear off in the middle of the night when I tended to have my sleep issues). Maybe you could talk to your doctor to see if trazadone might be a good option?

Thank you. That is going to be my next step if I can't find a different way to help. I wake up at 3 am or so and then I'm up for the day :/

If I exercise during the day and take a magnesium supplement, this tends to help with my sleep.

Also, it took me a while to get used to my ADHD meds and get my appetite back and sleep better.

Hopefully you can sleep well soon and if not then maybe speak to your doctor?


In addition to melatonin with HPT5, I added Valerian root with bee balm which helped.

I’m at a higher Vyvanse dosage but have always struggled with insomnia. I take Trazodone for sleep. I will not fall asleep without it. It is a life savor!

Oh wow, you must be exhausted! I’m so sorry. I used to take vyvanse years ago, but now take adderall XR. Sleep has always and continues to be an issue for me. A few years ago, my dentist referred me to a gum specialist bc I had been quickly working my my through my night guards -grinding and cracking them), and waking up more than usual throughout the night with awful pain in my jaw. The gum specialist suggested I try Trazodone 50mg (take 1/2 or full pill when needed), along with making some adjustments to my night guard and giving me some jaw exercises. It took a few visit with the gum specialist before I agreed to the prescription, I have tired sleeping pills in the past and although they worked wonders at first, I slowly started feeling l like a ‘waking zombie’ the next day. Well until reading some of the other replies, I had forgotten what a game changer Trazadone was for me! It didnt make me feel sleepy, but helped me get a more restful sleep. It worked best when I stuck with a good night time routine, even on nights when I didn’t take it (which is easier sd than done 😂).

I have been trying magnesium/melatonin/ gaba recently (CanPrev Magnesium + GABA & Melatonin) I feel like it helps sometimes, but the last few days I wake up feeling exhausted....I think I might ask my doctor about Trazadone again. I have an appt with them next week.

I know others have already suggested this but, maybe think about looking into Trazadone and speaking with you doctor

I hope you get some restful sleep soon

Take care

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Thank you, trazadone may be what I bring up at my next appointment. The only good thing about taking vyvanse is if I don't get the best sleep then when I take it in the morning I'm not as tired lol but my sleep is suffering so I appreciate the input 😊

You’re welcome! Good luck!

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