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I'm newly diagnosed with ADHD. I'm 43 and remember that I've had almost every phobia known to humankind. Social, heights, claustrophobia, drowning, embarrassment, etc. I got the impression that many people with ADHD were impulsive and brave. I don't think I can relate to the brave part. Is this a "normal" part of ADHD? Can anyone relate?

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Hello and welcome! ADHD looks so different from one person to another. There are three types: Inattentive, Hyperactive, or combined which means there are characteristics of both inattentive and hyperactive. Individuals with predominately inattentive characteristics tend to suffer from anxiety and everything that you described. I am combined type so I have the anxiety and OCD tendencies but I am also very social and impulsive.

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Thank you for your reply. I’m mostly inattentive with a bit hyperactive. Also have OCD social anxiety and general anxiety. Ruminating thoughts tend to happen. Fear has been a set back in so much. But I can be impulsive. It’s so strange

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It’s not strange for us. Obsessive behaviors is what makes the fear so extreme. It’s good to talk to others with the same problem. Throw in pleasure in that mix. Big roller coaster of emotions that never ends.

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Yes. I feel like my brain is going in a million directions and most of it is negative and then trying to focus/feel better with bad habits that give me a dopamine rush. Too much sugar is a thing that I unfortunately go to.

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It’s funny. At the same time we can get stuck at some points. So frustrating

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I found that trauma / shame was the root cause of much of my anxiety. Phobias would be multiple sources of anxiety. This would cause me to self isolate, which lead to derivative impacts.

Anti-anxiety meds and Cognitive Therapy are efficacious, adding EMDR, is very effective at de-charging trauma derived shame. After refilling TRAUMA WITH EMDR the trauma memory’s energy is released. I have about ten years of EMDR treatment when needed. Working with a trained practitioner of EMDR can help with many of the derivative impacts of ADHD. Start small and give yourself a broad ok to make mistakes. Build foundations if you can, if you can’t, try to understand what is holding you up.

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Thank you

Thrill seeking, extreme emotion from one spectrum to the other

I can do relate to you. I am on 70mg vyvanse and 30mg adderall.

40 MGS of Vyvanse provided me with my first awareness of what a choice felt like. I came to perceive that my choices prior to that Vyvanced moment had been based on mental auto-copping switches that auto defaulted to old protective behaviors, their impacts barely considered. My actions were based on a compulsion to fill needs, to survive, and attempt to control exposure to shaming. My mind was filled with anxiety that I would be found out to be an expert of many topics but a master of none. I compulsively attempted to solve the world problems, inventing solutions that would never be. Creativity when fused to my ADD provided unending distractions.

One distraction was researching Global Warming and Heat Island Effect and possible mitigation strategies. I began with Global Warming, researching, Heat Island Effect, crop effects, as well as effects on humidity regionally, I drilled down into "Corn Sweat" and the effects of new Green Windmills on historical air patterns in the upper and central Midwest along with the effects of new wind patterns and atmospheric humidity of increased storm development and severity in areas designated as heat islands. I could continue describing the extent of my drilling down, but I am sure you share a familiarity with my actions.

To be cognitive of what making a decision feels like and to be able to choose the non-impactful path, [Supportive Path] is worth the effort. Some days I want my comfortable unregulated self back, not to worry the Vyvanse only last a certain amount of time.

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