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Newbie with a question

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Hi, am new here. Just had a first meeting with a therapist who suspects ADHD strongly but wants to test me further. I am an adult. I've always known something was up with me, but am reeling a little absorbing this news.

I am curious as to how many on here suspect that their ADHD is trauma induced behavior rather than organic ADHD?

Happy to be here. Thankful to be part of this community.

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I think ADHD/ ADD is believed to start in childhood, but I'm sure that trauma can make it worse. I have ADD, and I have also been diagnosed with bipolar. I think the trauma in my life from an abusive dad and an abusive husband for twenty years affected my mental health, definitely, but I've always had the symptoms, it's just that I wasn't hyper so I wasn't diagnosed. You should ask your therapist about it. Take care!

For me, I would agree with BlueDaydreamer. No bipolar, but I was raised in a dysfunctional family. My marriage was dysfunctional and heartbreaking also. So the abuse, (actual craziness), in my life certainly made my (undiagnosed) conditions of ADHD, Anxiety and Depression worse. There was no stable person to turn to or who would speak up about the problems in the family (dysfunction attracts dysfunction). I've had ADHD since childhood and believe I was born with it (organic). Best of luck. Keep going!

I read an article from ADDitude mag recently about trauma and ADHD.

"Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may be the most difficult co-occurring or differential diagnosis for clinicians to recognize and treat alongside ADHD. Seasoned professionals struggle to decipher the differences and overlap between the two conditions."

Dr Gabor Mate wrote an excellent book(s) on the topic. I highly recommend them. I was able to listen to the audio versions for free through my library and the Libby app.

Welcome to ADHDers!I was diagnosed a year ago and still upset by the surprise of ADD and dyslexia! Well, I just thought I did not like to read and especially out loud but every time I was required to I read slower but perfectly snd no one noticed. Being diagnosed is a shock because you have done well enough your entire life and now you have ADD. When you get into the literature you will find so many instances that your behavior matches the cons of ADD I.e. always being late, etc. The diagnoses is a relief when you find out how great we are at other things I.e. calm amidst chaos, intuitive, creative and funny so much better than normal! Relax accept the diagnosis improve the cons and embrace the pros! What glorious life you have found! Welcome to are ADHD Club!

Hugs 🤗

There are several diagnoses that are similar in many symptoms=ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. My understanding is ADHD is a genetic issue. I am a newbie here too. I really need to understand who I am in the context of ADHD.

Behaviors created impacts; impacts create derivative emotional and psychological traumas. For instance, behaviors might cause embarrassment and shame, which support the development of elf-isolation, depression, and anxiety.

ADD behavior is non-normative most of the time; look at it as a different pattern of mental process.

Traumas can cause derivative impacts that are catalyzed by ADD behavior. I would assume that behaviors based solely on trauma would have a different classification.

My understanding is that ADD is a neural physical issue, a hard-wired paradigm.

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