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Anyone have any experience with taking Pristiq for ADHD/Depression or Anxiety?


I have been taking 50 mg 1X day for almost 3 weeks and it does not let me sleep! I have just now been ok'd to try it during the day over the weekend to what I notice from side affects. I'm very sensitive to meds so getting the dosage right for me can be tricky. Any advice appreciated! Thank you!

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Is it a stimulant/amphetamine or a antidepressants?

Wanderwoman76 in reply to JW621

It's a SNRI so it disperses both serotonin and norepinephrine

JW621 in reply to Wanderwoman76

Have you had drug use in the past other than prescriptions?

I take olanzepine and fluoxetine

I take olanzepine and fluoxetine and vyvanse and adderall

I have taken Pristiq and many others …seems like I have tied them all. I think you should address this with your Doctor or Psychiatrist as they would be better to collaborate with. From my experience, the body will adjust and get acquitted with the medication…is what my Doctor told me and what I realized with taking. SNRI is like that. For me, zero sex drive worked nicely for about 8-10 weeks, then similar to the Prozac-poop out, the functionality of the medication went to zero.

Thank you for the feedback!

I found Concerta did the same for me...I took Concerta for Adult ADD. I found I couldn't wind down in the evenings. My doc put me on Ritalin which is faster acting and I find it wears off by evening.

ugh! Oh, thank you for the feedback!

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JW621 in reply to Sugarbush

Just did. Says you don’t have WhatsApp

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