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Deodorant Issue


Has anyone else had issues with deodorant? Where your armpits feel sticky later on in the day after you have put on your deodorant.

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Hi, Chicograd2015,

Welcome to the group. Not personally, however my Mom had those issues. She found that using Mitchum deoderant helped her out. It's available for men and women in all drug stores, etc.

There is also a new brand out called My Carpe that has a lot of great reviews. It is also dermatologist tested. You can find it at:

Hope this helps you out!



But I’m also worried about smelling and sweating because I thought Mitchum was only deodorant

My Carpe is also a lotion AND anti-perspirant. You can just google it

Ok I just want one where I won’t get sticky, have to put it on more than once a day, smell good, and not have sweat stains


But i also know part of it is due to my brain getting overstimulated from adhd and my sensory processing disorder.

Did your mom ever try like the dove and secret clinical strength before she chose mitchum?

Yes, and neither worked well for her. She said that the Mitchum just stopped the wetness and that's what she wanted.

Did she use the men’s or just the women’s because the women’s doesn’t have as good reviews as the men’s.


Ok thanks

Flamingo30 in reply to GatsbyCat

If it’s an issue that is ongoing then I would suggest speaking with a pharmacist or GP as there could be an underlying cause, but there are defo some great deodorant/anti-perspirants. I like the brand “Vichy” as it’s recommended by dermatologists and really works for me. Also, wearing clothing that lets your skin breathe may be helpful - as it is to me.

Well I’m wonder if I’m getting sticky because I’m putting too much on. Because I have ocd and my ocd is about smelling but now that I got Mitchum it’s a stronger scent so i have a harder time not putting as much on.

If you have sensitive skin, the stronger antiperspirants and deodorants might be irritating. They are for me. Secret unscented and loose clothing help me.

So I don’t know if I’m putting too much on and not waiting long enough to put on my shirt or maybe not putting on deodorant the right way. I have no idea

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