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Sensitive Skin and Clothes


Does anyone have issues with certain clothing and wearing them like clothes that have seams? Because your skin feels so sensitive and the seams bother your skin and make your skin hurt a little and that’s all you can think about? How do you deal with it, does anyone use lotion and does that help at all?

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I don’t know if there’s a lotion that can help, but I can relate to the issue. I’ve always had to change into comfortable clothes as soon as I get home. Roomy, soft clothes are a must!

Well would lotion help make it feel a little better because I also think I have pretty dry skin that might be contributing to it.

For sure, dry skin would make it worse so definitely try that

I will thank you very much I’ll try the lotion tonight and tomorrow before I put an outfit on

Would it be better to put it on during or after a showe?

If you find a solution to this please share! I have incredible sensitive skin, to clothing as well, and I have heard to try lotions, although I have a sensitive issue even to some lotions, and oils, I have to let it dry completely, I only use certain type of lotions due to this.

I can relate to this. I have wondered if it is related to ADHD. Maybe less tolerance to things that are annoying. I also have dry skin and am also very sensitive to lotions and creams. I tell people I have miserable skin. I have found one thing that helps. When possible I wear my clothing inside out. It keeps seams from my skin. Of course I can't do this with everything, but I do it to everything I can.

you might have high sensory processing just like me. read this article it might help you understand about it

Hi, Chicograd2015

It might also have to do with the detergent that your clothing has been washing in during the washer/ dryer cycle. Try the non perfumed ones or baby detergents.. just an idea.

Eucerine is a great brand for dry cracked skin and has no perfumes or dies.

Hope this helps.



When I feel restless or irritable then this really bothers me! I avoid wearing anything around my chest area that may be itchy like wool jumpers and I cut out labels. Lockdown has helped as I can live in my “lounge” or comfy clothing.

I have just discovered bamboo clothing. It’s hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin, though it’s costly, so it’s a bit of an investment. I find it worth the money though if it’s good quality and going to last.

I have anti-histamines on hand for when my skin feels super irritated and I also use “aqueous cream” in the shower. I buy this for £1.00 from the local pharmacy and it moisturises and soothes my skin. Central heating doesn’t help too so I make sure I get some fresh air in my home during the day time. Best wishes!

Definitely is sensory issues. It helps me if I cut all the tags out of my clothes. I won't wear clothes that "don't feel right". Certain fabrics or textures are just too distracting, so I find it is better to go with what feels right to you and buy extra clothes that do to save time and energy. I definitely will check into the Bamboo clothes suggested above. Take care!

I thought it was just me! I cut out all tags, too, and carefully run my fingers on seams to find any threads that could be cut off. Sometimes plastic threads remain behind on side seams especially.

Avoid wool, wools blends, and tight fitting clothing.

Like others, I wear shirts inside out when possible. At home, I’m inside out all the time. If I have to, I’ll wear a camisole inside out under my work attire.

I have also used scraps of really soft fabric and sewn these over scratchy seams and other “hot spots” in clothes that i otherwise like (and bras and swimsuits!) Sewing might sound tedious but uncomfortable clothing wrecks my already challenged ability to focus, so I’m willing to do it.

Yes-I can't stand the feel of wool either-cashmere-no way-and avoid most sweaters! We are #no tags lol! 😀

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