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I need to vent!! Please, needing empathy and understanding.


I take Adderall and my doctors office policy states that I must communicate every month to refill my prescription. The reason for my vent is....

I DID NOT remember to call on line (website)?...O'yes I do...about ten times a day.....but everyone knows that thoughts come in and out just as fast!! Like a fly in your car, you pay attention when it is in your face or bites your foot. DAMN FLY!!

I do not have a helper, assistant, secretary (politicly incorrect..sorry!!) but I have for the third time this year ran out of my medication.

Anyone else stop (abruptly) using Adderall 30mg???? Tired as HELL..can't concentrate....talking, talking, interupting....moody?...may I go on!!

It seems that there are some industries that I feel are being proactive. For example, my pharmacy, will text me with refill reminders. Holy-smokes, all I have to text back "1" and they are filled. My credit union will text if my account is lower than a $100.00. Unfortunately happens often, but that has saved my ass!!

Talking about medical facilities/doctors....I know that there are restrictions for a reason. Hell, I work with people trying to change their lives from severe addiction to recovery. I am no better and DO NOT need to have special treatment then anyone else.

The world is more aware of the need for strong changes, boundaries, and checks and balances. To manage and stop drug abuse. I love the people I serve. Many have stated that without the restrictions and other changes, they would still be in their addiction.

All that I am asking for is... that medical staff be more proactive check-in's and making sure that people are being healthy. Especially with their mental health/medication.

You are glutton for punishment and have read this long, BUT I hope you understand my frustration. I empathize with my clients in recovery.... how difficult it is to trust in medical prof., with trying to be patient, with "white knuckling" the days until I get my medication.

Monday, 9/28/20...took my last medication. Sick on Tuesday, dragged on Wed. not able to get my medication until this past Tuesday. This past Sunday, I could not keep focus, at work, while I was writing a report advocating for more time for my patient in treatment needed for recovery and support.

I can not expressed the torture the computer work is without my medication!!

I respect my medication and know how and why I need it. But without it, I feel that no one cares. Why should I? Hell... I should remember....it is important, right? It's NOT that, it (my med.) is sooo damn important. But I also have a life, kids, farm, home, laundry, dishes, 28 animals feedings and watering, may I go on.

So...yes I forgot.

If you are a healthcare worker, a doctor, PA, nurse, nurse assitant, office worker, etc. I respect your job and position. BUT please help me/us!! Try being proactive like the pharmacies, credit unions/banks, etc.

I truly respect and love anyone making the long road of my "vent."


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Sorry 😐 that U went thru this because U were in withdrawal from your adderall

I am surprised 😮 that U were able to work. Physically this can be very dangerous. Ask your doctor to

Have someone on his staff to e-mail or

text U ahead of time. Or in reality, your

doctor should me doing Virtual interview

now during COVID.

MrsKlco in reply to Shnookie

I appreciate that. Thankfully with my job things are flexible and I don’t run any major equipment or drive so...

But...ya! WITHDRAWALS let’s just say....😩😡

I will call and request that they contact me but last time they said they couldn’t do it....CRAZY.

Thank you for responding.


Shnookie in reply to MrsKlco

Not to be a pushy broad but this is mental health We’re talking about. U need to do what’s good 4 your

comfort level. Do U have a journal or a day planner or set up a table in your

computer re your meds. As a group

here we need to be proactive

This is me every month. Sometimes my provider will give me 90 days worth, after she knows and trusts me. But every month I forget to refill the script and go a couple days to a week without.

I’ve been working on setting myself multiple reminders on my phone, putting a sticky note on the bathroom mirror and putting it in my planner.

I wonder if you could set up a recurring email that sends to your doctors office? My place has their own website where you can request a refill by filling out a form, but even then I still forget.

I empathize with your pain and frustration!

MrsKlco in reply to ThisADHDmaze

Thank you...I’m not alone!! Nether are you

Renee I can empathize. I’ve also had situations where the pharmacy was out of my needed meds and the same experience of my body crashing. I literately took a small amount of water with me and took the meds upon receiving it I was so bad off. I had that happen for another problem that was causing my body to gradually becoming almost immovable for 6-8 hours a day and the meds were very critical for that too.

MrsKlco in reply to Emerald-Eyes

Sorry about that craziness.

Hello, MrsKlco~

Wow, I can truly empathize, as I've been there too without my ADHD... mine is FocalinXr, but yeah it is NOT fun.

One thing I've started doing that has helped me out, since I am a visual learner is to use one of those plastic pill boxes for one week (both am and pm). Then when I'm counting out my medication, I know how many days I have left. Once I'm down to only 10 pills, I call my doctor and get a new refill sent electronically to the pharmacy.

Yes, it would be great if we could receive a reminder text. Unfortunately with all of the classes of these Rx's, it's hard to just get them in the first place.

(Sad story of a couple of months ago, my doctor was on vacation, and no one would refill my prescription... I was just fuming.. steam out of ears.. FINALLY spoke to the manager, and told her about my situation, and she had an experienced doctor sign off on it.. The newly minted doctors are afraid to write these Rx's. The doc that signed it has been practicing for over 35 years and is a partner in the practise... whew! That really saved me... which is why i now do the pill container...)

Hope this idea helps you out too... Also, I do write down in Red on the calendar the day to re- order my meds.

Take care and let us know how it's going.




MrsKlco in reply to GatsbyCat

Great idea!! Thank you

DO THIS. Create an actual recurring calendar event on the day, or the day before, you need to call for your meds. Do it for both your personal and work accounts, Make sure you add a reminder an hour or two prior. On your phone, do the same thing. This way forgetting to do it won't be the problem, blowing it off will be.

I have an Android phone and downloaded an app called Life Reminders that has been very helpful. I use it to remind me when to take my Adderall, when to refill my pill boxes, if I need to remember to do something special...etc. It's very flexible, and has a notification that pops up on your phone that does not clear if you clear reminders. You have to open it and you can either say you've completed it or snooze it for a select period of time.

I am a nurse and have worked at a clinic before and can tell you that time is money and staff doesn't have time to do what you're asking because they are stretched so thin. I'm sorry for this reality.

Another thing that I've done that I've found helpful for remembering things is I bought a giant whiteboard calendar that shows one month at a time the space to write multiple events in each day. I update my phone and this whiteboard that I have in a very central location, and I have found it helpful.

Great suggestions (the app one). I am being forced to cut back on my white board addiction. Left up to me we’d have one in every room!! Lol. Again thanks. And I know the “reality” that’s why I vented and not called the office. That might come across as snarky...not intentional...trying to be funny. I’m done now

Do you know of any iPhone apps similar to the android one

It's really hard. I'm 40 and was diagnosed 1.5 yrs ago. I struggle in so many aspects of my life. Getting diagnosed was helpful, because it gave me a way to identify ADD commonalities and a path to find ways to improve/adapt/compensate. I'm still working to find the right balance of reminders/vs annoying reminders that I ignore. For time management, I've purchased boring wall clocks that I can reference, rather than checking my phone, which can then send me down a rabbit hole and contribute to my being late.

Ditto...thank you for the app info. I’m trying it, slow start. Maybe a kid will get me set up and on my way.🤦🏻‍♀️

I highly recommend using Google calendar. You can set recurring reminders for anything and everything, color code them, etc. Plus, this will sync across any device you are logged in to google on.


I’m glad I’m not the only one with these problems.....😷.

Exactly what you are saying I feel the same way

Thank you!! Sucks doesn’t it? I’m doing better now...yaaaa😌

I'm sorry you are going through this. That must be so difficult. I want you to know that you can do this. It's not easy, it's overwhelming and no one knows how difficult this is for you like you know it and feel it. I am sorry for that. I also know that no one else has the ability to makes things happen for themselves like you do. Having never met you, I know that it is not easy to take care of a farm, a family and you're adhd but you're doing it. Day in and day out. No matter how you're feeling, you get up, get ready for the day and get going. That's not easy. Not when you don't have your medication to help you. I'm still learning about ADHD but it may be genetic. And there are people that are successful with ADHD, like Sinbad. I just found that out the other day and thought that was pretty cool. Don't give up. Keep pushing, keep stating what you need, and eventually, you'll start making changes for yourself with your care providers. Just keep going, I know, it's not easy. One resource I will recommend is a resource I have used myself. It is the warm line that you can call and request they contact you when you need a reminder to take your medication. I think they would be more than willing to do that monthly for you. They do it daily for others. My warmline is in Illinois. I don't know what state you're in but this website has it listed for every state. screening.mhanational.org/c...

Stay in it, you've got this.


MrsKlco in reply to Liz-3138

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I will look at that website.

Thankfully my bad days are getting farther and farther apart. My therapist would ask me to “look at your life from the street” because I can be in my head too much.

Again thank you for responding☺️

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