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Clonidine for rejection sensitivity


Has anyone here had any experience with Clonidine? I've read that it helps primarily with irritability and rejection sensitivity (which are my worst symptoms). If so how did you like it? Any side effects?


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Yes!..I take Clonidine twice a day. It does help with RSD. It is not a cure but it does give you time to process the emotion before acting on it. If Clonidine doesn't work for you than you can try Guanfacine. Both medications are used to treat RSD, one but not both together. They are similar in a lot of ways but also different enough that some people do better on one verses the other. I tried Guanfacine and it gave me a shorter fuse so I switched.

Tarzan62 in reply to Dred1986

Thank you for sharing this. I have an appointment on Monday to speak with my doctor about this.

Yep! I take a low dose at night to sleep, hadn't heard about RSD but I could see how it could work for that. Side effects for me went away after the initial adjustment, but I was more likely to get dizzy when I stood up too fast, a little bit of nausea, nothing crazy serious. Again, I don't take it specifically for RSD, but for sleep, and I love that it helps with insomnia and other sleep issues.

Hello, when i first got my ADHD, n anxiety diagnosis the doctor prescribed clonadine for my anxiety and addy for adhd. I am small, bout 100 lbs, and after taking a super low dose of clonadine, my blood pressure went so incredibly low that it became life threatening n i passed out. So the doc switched me to a benzo ( which i know is very contraversial, blah, blah, blah). After stabilizing on addy, n 9 months of intense therapy, i dont have anxiety anymore than the avg human. I have alot of clients who take clonadine for anxiety. They say it helps. For me personally, i dont like taking phara meds that are designed for one thing but by accident helps with other things- ie, can lower blood pressure, but also help with hair folicle loss, whiten your teeth, and lower your blood suger, lol lol lol. I think that if u actually have high blood pressure, which can mirror the symptoms of anxiety physically, then clonadine makes sense. But, like i said, i know other people who dont mind taking it and get relief from their anxiety using it.

Also- rejection is a thinking error- not a physical ailment. So i am not clear on why one would seek a medication for something that isnt a chemical imbalance or physical issue. The only thing that can cure feelings of rejection is rewiring your brain to perceive things differently. 😎 intense fear of rejection is a borderline personality trait. DBT is very helpful.

Good luck n Happy Friday!!!

Dred1986 in reply to wtfadhd

This podcast will explain RSD better.

RSD is a symptom of ADHD. It is far more than just a feeling of rejection. It is not something that someone can get rid of by simply thinking more positively or changing bad behaviors to good ones. It is hardwired into the brain with ADHD. Not everyone with ADHD experiences issues with RSD but those that do should seek help with both medication and therapy.

wtfadhd in reply to Dred1986

Ohhh okay! Wow, thank you for explaining this to me. I had no idea this was a thing. Crap, i suck, lol. I apologize, my response was pure ignorance. Sorry to everyone that read my response!!!

ginarose in reply to Dred1986

Thank you for this link. I’m going to speak with my psychiatrist on Tuesday about ADD. I can’t believe how much I fit what I’ve researched about it. People have joked about me having ADD for as long as I can remember. I should have acted on this sooner. I’ve always assumed depression & anxiety were strictly the difficulties I was having. This link was great.

wtfadhd in reply to Dred1986

Hey, ive researched RSD. The symptoms are exactly like borderline personality disorder. I took the on line test and one of the questions was rather u were diagnosed with bipolar or borderline personality disorder ever. I was incorrectly dx with bipolar long before ADHD was identified, and the meds were terrible- lost 10 yrs of my life. Then the ADHD dx which was life changing, and the borderline personality disorder. That dx is what landed me in therapy for 9 months ( not the ADHD diagnosis) which was also life changing. In therapy for what my dr labelled borderline, i was treated for what i now know is basically the same thing as RSD. I did DBT and again, life changing. Those RSD symptoms that controlled my life are now managed by DBT skills. So i am a bit skeptical when resources say that RSD can only be managed with meds like clonadine. And since the RSD questions are mirroring the questions used to dx borderline personality disorder... then how would a doctor differentiate between the two???? Anyone read the classic borderline book called “ i hate you... dont leave me....” Ive been trying to wrap my brain around this borderline vs RSD. Ive concluded that regardless of what its labeled- borderline or RSD, it can be treated with intensive DBT for some people ( me) . So for those who experience RSD, might want to take the borderline personality test too. Might be helpful. RSD is the most common thing Borderlines struggle with. Thanks again for the info. Ive been engrossed in researching it!!!

ginarose in reply to wtfadhd

Actually, the first part of your response helped me consider some things. I’m physically small as well & my bp can run low at times. I’m on propranolol 120mg for essential tremor, have been for years. I haven’t tried anything at all for adhd yet. I’ll see what my doc says tomorrow morning.

wtfadhd in reply to ginarose

Good luck!

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