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Newly diagnosed, best help?


I'm 45 and have just been diagnosed with ADHD. It all started because I really want to change my job/career again, had no idea what I wanted to do, and this time instead of making an impulsive change I decided to examine the reasons for my behavior. I just started taking Adderall and I can sense that it's already helping me clarify my thinking. My question is, do I need to have a therapist who specializes in ADHD? I started with a therapist who does NOT specialize in ADHD about a month prior to finally receiving the diagnosis. While I like him and he does have some insights into me (but not ADHD), I'm worried that I may be missing a key component of optimal treatment by not having a specialist. Thanks!

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Hi kooky_cat!

Welcome to the ADHD family!

I had a similar question.

Was diagnosed about a year ago and was already going to therapy.

I can just tell you that my experience is that I have a hard time getting results with therapists.

I switched to a therapist that had "experience" with adhd, and I feel like he is more patient with me and a little more effective in the way he speaks to me, but after about 6 months I still feel we haven't done anything.

From what I understand, with regards to "therapy" there is no specialization in adhd.

You would have to try adhd coaching, which I am very interested in, but didn't find one that's affordable for me.

If you can afford adhd coaching (not covered by insurance) you should definitely try it out. Otherwise, I would say to play by ear and see if this therapist is helping you.

Definitely read about adhd in case you haven't started yet.

This was very helpful in understanding adhd:

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Thanks! I'll check out the youtube thing right now..

You can actually get some pretty good help from non-ADHD therapists. Of course you can also look for coaches or specialists, or take part in online coaching groups, but a lot of therapists can help in offering support, working with strategies, and even helping you understand the diagnosis more.

I'd say if you're newly diagnosed there are also books, podcasts, and the HowToADHD Youtube channel which can be helpful.

Welcome to the tribe!

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Thanks for the reply! Yes, I've already acquired several books. I tend to delve deep into whatever I do, so I'll read as much as possible!

One of my thoughts/rationalizations regarding a "specialized" therapist/coach/whatever and why I might not need one is that I'm 45 years old. I got my Master's and my doctorate; I know how to be organized and efficient when I'm motivated to do so. So, I figured that maybe I don't need a "specialist" telling me strategies such as make a list, make a schedule, etc. etc. " There are other psychological issues that are probably more pressing that my current therapist seems equipped to deal with. But, since I have no idea what an ADHD specialist/coach actually does, I may be selling myself short. So, I appreciate all the insight from others who have already taken this journey!

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This is strange, because this will be the third time I’m writing this message. Thank you for contacting me. I wanted to relay that therapy is great for many yet for others varying therapeutic techniques do not work. Since I am an ADHD Coach, I can genuinely say, ADHD coaching can be highly beneficial if one is committed to embracing change be it with small steps. ADHD coaching is about helping one understand the paradoxes of ADHD and build omg strategies according to your strengths, interests and challenges. Due to our current circumstances, many of us are offering reduced fees, if needed. It’s good, if you choose to explore coaching, to speak with a few coaches and see whom you’d like to work with.

Stay safe.

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Thanks. How did you become adhd coach?

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NYU, then Addca Academy in Albany NY

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I've got two master's degrees and work professionally at a fairly challenging job, so I can relate to that feeling of "I know what to do." That being said, I still rely a lot on my therapist to help be a sounding board, and also to offer insights. She's not an ADHD specialist.

With regards to what a coach can do, I've really enjoyed listening to the ADHD reWired Podcast with Eric Tivers. He is an ADHD coach as is Brendan Mahan. The stuff they bring in from coaching is super helpful, and I've gotten new tips and tricks that I didn't know before. Some of it is stuff that is common sense and that I already know, but hearing it in an ADHD way can be helpful.

I've not looked into a coach because we don't really have any locally and I'm not sure insurance would cover one. I'm tempted to do the ADHD reWired coaching groups but it's expensive and I seem to be functioning well enough with my ADHD.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

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Thanks for the insight. And I am going to check the podcasts now 😬


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Hi! Looks like you didn't finish writing your message ;-) I'm curious for all input, so please share!

Look up Bonnie Mincu (senior certified ADHD coach).

She really knows her stuff (and has adhd herself).

There are a few videos/ podcasts with her on youtbe.

Just started her self paced online program and I'm very excited!

Check it out:

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After reading a couple of books and many many articles and listening to countless hours of proffesionals talking about adhd, I really wanted to start her program but never got myself to start.

Thank G-D I finally got myself to start!

It's only $57 a month with no commitment.

(One on one coaching can be expensive, insurance doesn't cover it.)

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Thanks for the reply! I am considering coaching. I've been spending this quarantine time reading, watching videos - basically ingesting every bit of info I can about ADHD. It's making me realize that to optimize myself I probably need counseling in addition to a coach.

What makes you recommend Bonnie Mincu over any others? Anything specific, or did it just feel right to you?

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I watched videos from different coaches and just felt understood a lot more by her.

I think this video is what got me very interested:

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