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I was on dexamptimes for a couple months was great but towards end a bit of anxiety and depression so doc thought Vyvanse70 mg to take once a day so been on it for 2 weeks was great till last 3 days , bits of anxiety and depression returning doesn’t last as long , in afternoons I start get tied at work, doctors appointment tomorrow but by sounds he will be adding a dex to take at lunch time

I’m also on fluoxetine ,propranolol , and about a week and half left of my champix for smoking , any idea I’ve tryed changing diet , I real don’t want to keep swapping I just want to find it and it work

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Well I know someone that taken this stimulant like you

And che have yes also ups and downs

And anxiety

The meds che taken so the stimulant also Xanax and no antidepressant

Only In the evening olanzapine food stabelys the mood sleep anxiety

No diet at all

Just vit b d folium.zinc

Keep structure


Drink lot off whater

If the stimulant not really feel right

Best stop with it

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Johnooo in reply to Elfje

Thanks mate , was told it’s about rewiring brain , so does anyone no if any of these tests are worth doing like swaps for metabolism ( if it’s to quick in some people ) or test they do in lab for different meds to tell you if they work ( I read this not sure if true )

I read a lot on Vyvanse which is total different for me , but I’ve always been kind on person to be outside working in shed , now I get ideas and can concentrate great. But then I just go back and lay on couch and keep reading , on the dexampthines I was great for few months got a lot of my work now , wasn’t quite as foucused but more movitvation , 1 thing I told doctor is I don’t want to keep going up in meds so I never get off meds , because maybe it’s feeling like when I was self medicating with alcohol which was starting to get out of hand especially if I wanted to keep my family . But that seems like does keep going up or swapping in last 8 months since starting to see him ( and he’s not cheap so I’m hoping he nows what he’s doing ( any feedback any thoughts , am I doing the wrong thing with meds , went to counciling on and off for 6 months before seeing this doctor but frankly I’m not interested in talking I’m just that kind of person

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ADHDBarney in reply to Johnooo

I’ve also Ben on 70mg of vyvanse - for at least 2 years. The only reason I stopped was because the .gov healthcare exchange wouldn’t cover it to any affordable level. (Now I’m on 20 mg doses of Adderral (morning and mid afternoon as needed). I’m in a very bad time of my life - have been for most of the last 2 years - due to job loss, failing marriage, financial stress, stress from living with future ex-wife, serious health issues for both of us during most of that period, having to sell the house, without housing for me during 10 week period, break up of family, etc. lots of situational variables that dissuade my psychiatrist from trying new meds. (Also on 150 mg/day of Effexor + Gabapentin (300 mg 3x/day, Xanax as needed, blood pressure med...). I’ve been a mess for almost 2 years, and very shaky with the Vyvanse and/or adderall. It seems that I’ve come to accept whatever I’m prescribed by my psychiatrist. (He has a doctorate in pharmacology and gave me a gene site test to determine based on dna which medications across a broad spectrum would be most efficacious for me.). It’s as if I have to wait for the tsunami to pass before I might learn if I’ve been diagnosed correctly (anxiety & severe clinical depression-ya think?) and/or taking the right meds. After speaking with others with similar mental health issues, they found help only when thy found new docs who diagnosed bi-polar 1 as the proper diagnosis to medicate. Entirely differently. I’m stuck in the mud, spinning my tires. And sometimes I just pray for god to take the pain away. Or take me away.

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jacoda in reply to ADHDBarney

Don't say that. We all know it's tough that's why we're here. Why not try yoga or meditation or just running. I know that's a tall order but actually it works when you learn how. I rely on it and want eventually to give up the meds and use alternative therapies.

I would look into the potential side effects of the chantix that you're taking. They are very similar to what you've been attributing to your ADHD medication, and can get much worse than mild depression. I've had some close family try chantix and all experienced mild to severe side effects.

Try the cheek swap genetic test to determine which drugs are most effective for you. Also there are a lot of foods and supplements that can interact with Vyvanse. They recommend not eating or drinking them within an hour of taking the medicine.

I use Vyvanse and personally it's the only meds that keep my ADD under control. I had an issue with side effects the stomach cramps were so severe I felt I was having a heart attack. I'm also being treated for PTSD, anxiety,depression and panic attack disorder. I easily become immune to meds, however for my anxiety and depression, I was currently switched to lexapro which has helped me significantly, from flouxetine which didn't help at all. My Dr. just added another rx., due to my other symptoms overpowering the effectiveness of the Lex. I just started the meds yesterday and I can already tell the difference. Its a brand new med Rexulti, so far so good. Good Luck Mate!!

Thanks for feed back

Anybody stop taking medicine when sick Eg cold or flu and is it ok to do or not

I take Elvanse after a few years on Equasym. I preferred the Equasym but it didn't last long enough. I got grumpy if I forgot to take the Elvanse every morning. So now I deliberately don't take it once a week to recognise the symptoms and learn strategies. I'll let you know how I get on!

I’m back have been on fluoxetine , vysamse morning and December afternoon so last 4 days downward spiral haven’t done anything wrong best I’ve been in years , start doing research on everything more active get things done family life great , taking dogs for walks prepare health food for family , so why this has happened with every med I’m on lately 1to 2 months great then bang back to hell im sleeping during day which is not me so tied

Been emailing doc ring can’t get in to see him he’s booked as usually

So what is good of this , is this why people self medicate because haven’t had a drink or smoke in 4 months and I’m very close to doing it because it use to be the only thing that help for time been that is til I’d wake up

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Hidden in reply to Johnooo

Please DO NOT drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes - both are NOT worth it and make you feel worse in the long run. Unless you can have a glass or two of alcohol and genuinely enjoy it and then stop and aren't using it to self medicate, which only makes the problem 100 x worse when it wears off - alcohol is NOT worth it. Keep trying you WILL find a med combination that works for you , even if it takes more time. Just be patient.

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Johnooo in reply to Hidden

Not sure if body’s use to it or it’s to much because heart racing troubles sleeping

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