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ADHD and Trouble in the Workplace

Hey I have been diagnosed with ADHD when I was a teen and I am facing an issue at work. I have been running into issues in my workplace with my ADHD symptoms. I often talk to much, respond defensively, seem needy, and other things. I can really use help.

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Does your boss or coworkers know about your ADHD? Just wondering because it would make a difference in how I would go about addressing the situation.


My boss and coworkers do know. Ironically I work as a social worker. I am currently on medication for adhd and generalized anxiety disorder. My supervisor and the director of my program know about this

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Have you spoken with your supervisor about creating a more ADHD friendly workplace? Oftentimes small adjustments such as making organizational tools more easily available and limiting distractions can help.

Also you can ask coworkers to give you cues when you are distracted or off topic or talking too much since people with ADHD tend to miss the more subtle social cues that are typically given under normal circumstances.

Good luck! I hope that helps.


From experience I work in a warehouse and I too suffer from this and I have made mention of this to supervisors etc. And there response is medication or they just ignore me, hate side effects so so far I write stuff down limit work chatter, stay busy and try to wear myself out, I have move bad days then good

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Maybe a first step could be to seek some constructive feedback from your supervisor or colleagues. It might help you get a clear picture of what you actually need to work on, and what things you perceive as negetive about yourself but might just be stemming from your anxiety and being overly self critical. Like for example do you really talk to much? Is that a bad thing- maybe others appreciate your energy and friendliness. Do these things impact your work performance? Maybe responding defensively is a symptom of being sensitive and highly empathetic which can be strengths, maybe feeling like you seem needy actually translates to you being a team player and makes your coworkers feel valued?


Is there anyone at work that you feel close to? What really helped me was having someone I called "my person." She would hold important documents for me (so they wouldn't get misplaced), and she warned me whenever I was acting inappropriately (interrupting, defensiveness, obsessing, too loud, etc.). It's almost the same as having a mentor.


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