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A Comedy of Errors


I’m a 44 y/o dude and was diagnosed with ADHD 6 months ago. I’ve been in weekly therapy for a year. I started Lexapro a year ago, Wellbutrin 8 months ago, and Adderall 6 months ago. I was forced to resign from my job yesterday as a result of my shortcomings (employed 1yr & 7months). Reasons: repeated errors, lack of follow through, and attention to detail. 🤨 My job drove me (🍌s) to therapy, and I’m actually glad it did.

I have always been this way. I worry, daydream, am easily distracted while doing mundane tasks, I NEED music, I hear music in my head, & my legs can shake an entire room when they get going up and down and up and ... I consider myself funny, but often times my jokes are mistimed, misinterpreted, and why do I always feel like a joke is necessary? (sigh) That’s most likely the anxiety. Anyway...

I’m still dealing with the fallout of ... well, everything. My therapist suggested I find a forum or support group , well ... here I am.


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Hi QuepasaQP. I'm new here too. I've recently taken ill health retirement due to physical disabilities, but before that always struggled with work stuff - especially prioritising and trying not to get distracted by the tasks I enjoyed doing most. I'm interested that you mention music. I've always hummed or sung to myself a lot but in recent years this has become quite compulsive and drives me mad as well as everyone around me. The only way I've found of dealing with it is to put some proper music on - then I just sing along with that instead of making up irritating little tunes myself!

I was diagnosed at 32with ADD. Bipolar disorder at 37 when put on Effexor. Be careful , do your research. I did not see great change until I tried Pristique and a tiny bit of ability and 300 mg lamictal. Maybe find a job you are gifted at and like. I find I cannot cannot do certain kinds of work and won’t do them. Negative reinforcement? If I love what I do I hyperfocus, driven, early to work and give 150 percent. Try career testing to see where your strengths are... good luck you are still young. My 40’s were some of the best years of my life.

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