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mist diognosed

im 56 had this all my life always new i was different.fell to peaces all my life 10 years ago just couldnt take it anymore the doctors treated me depretion 800 mg searaquil a day.turns the brain down. didnt work so next bipola and ansomnear.they all got it rong.the searaqils r a bad drug i weand my self of them .a mates wife said u r on the rong meds for your adhd. she was there wen it struck went to a siciratis he couldnt work out wy no one pickt it put me on these meds 2 weeks ago was working first week but last weeks been hell on the edge of suicide .hav doctors appointment in morning not far to wait. i no they will put me in hospital i dont care as long as they can take the doom and gloom away because i carnt

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Hang in there. I know it feels things will never get better but your making progress by at least seeking treatment


Hi. Johny. I am so sorry you are going through this emotional rollercoaster. I understand how you feel. When I was younger I had situational PTSD. Same but different symptoms as military PTSD. Severe depression. And I believe the depression and the SPTSD together had a big part in ADHD. Now I may have already had the ADHD in my DNA but all seemed to come together. Anyway, don't give up. There is an answer that is right for YOU. It is sad that it's a trial and error situation but at least your closer to an answer. I had anger issues from ADHD because of frustration of not being able to do what I needed to do. I thought I was just lazy or incompetent. Yes, I felt like an outcast too. Thinking and putting myself down for not being like other people. It didn't help that my depression also caused me anger. This is my reasoning because my doctor said subconsciously I was angry. The anger didn't come out until later in life (I am 57). My younger days I would always have a happy attitude which was real but once I got alone with myself I would breakdown or most likely sleep my life away. As I do still. I have not found the right combination yet but I believe I am close. Never stop fighting for yourself. You deserve to feel "normal". Keep trying and asking for options until you find what is right for you.

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Sometimes going to the hospital is a good thing. You get away from your everyday life for a few days and the professionals focus on you and try to come up with a treatment plan that is right for you. And you can talk to some of the other patients and hear their stories. Maybe will help you to understand yourself and realize you are not alone.

Don't give up. Make sure the doctors and therapists really listen to you. Stand up for yourself, but also listen and try to find a new way to look at your life. If you've had ADHD, or any other mental health problem, life has been a constant challenge. Which means you have to be tougher and more resilient than other people. It doesn't seem fair. But if you hang in there, life can be great.

So you know I understand, I have ADHD and anxiety. I have an adult son with severe anxiety, depression, and obsessive compulsive disorder. He's been hospitalized many times. We take it "one day at a time," and cherish the good days.


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