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How has therapy effected your ADHD?

Pretty soon I plan on entering therapy because at this point I barely have anything else to turn to or understand the pain of limitations my ADHD hinders me with. So as someone looking for help how well does it help you or are there other methods that work too? I have tried medication for the most part and doesn't seem to really work in terms of concentration and focus it just helps control my outbursts a little. The main thing I wanna control is my motor skills and lack of focus, I feel controlling these two particular elements will help me so much in the long run. I just wanna feel the fun and excitment life has to offer. Plus I'm hoping to actually make some new friends in the process.

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I go to therapy once a week and once a month a CHADD support group. I also have a psychiatrist I see when needed. It took a couple try’s until I found a therapist and psychiatrist that worked well for me. So try it and if you don’t like who you saw keep trying. There are people out there that can help you

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I would strongly recommend finding a therapist with ADHD experience. I had a great therapist who wasn't very knowledgeable of ADHD. Occasionally my own research would reveal areas where a standard understanding or approach to a problem (e.g. procrastination) is not necessarily appropriate or sufficient for ADHD. I think we wasted a good deal of time barking up the wrong trees.

Also, my experience is that finding a therapist is one of the most painful endeavors. If you are in the U.S. and have the means to go out of network keep that option open. You will find that the best therapists do not contract with insurance companies at all and the promising ones that are in network rarely have openings. If you can outsource some of this search by getting recommendations from someone in the know. Support groups can be helpful for this.

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