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New here, 55 year old who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 53. I

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Getting diagnosed at 53 was the best day in my life.. as well as the worst day. Not sure if that makes any sense to anyone else. So each day is a journey, and I want to live it to the fullest.

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Hello, just joined myself ☺ I was wondering if you got your diagnosis from your regular doctor, or did you find someone who specialized in AHDD to work with?

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roghill in reply to Lexieloodles

It was actually a neurologist, they were originally testing me for CTE ( the concussion injury). No CTE, but hardcore ADHD

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I took my eval from a neuropsychologist down the street from me. Not many psych docs around me have the skills to administer these paper tests, I guess, because I had to hunt her down.

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Hi, got diagnosed just a few months ago at age 49. I'm 50 today and very relieved to know that there is an answer that explains my life. I started with 10mgs of ER adderall and have been slowly moved up to 25mg which makes day to day activities so much easier to accomplish.

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Lexieloodles in reply to Completelyme67

Are there any negatives to being on Adderall?

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Completelyme67 in reply to Lexieloodles

Always with any drug but the general ones with Adderall are blood pressure elevation, rapid heartbeat and loss of appetite.

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Vcmusician66 in reply to Lexieloodles

I'm starting to think Adderall may be the reason I'm so irritable. I went from 10 mg to 25 mg over the last 4 years, mainly b/c I felt it wasn't working as well and that I had built up a tolerance to it. I'm considering asking my GP to recommend something else, but I think I've also got some work ahead of me in getting some proper therapy.

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DAVIDkd in reply to Vcmusician66

Consider the possibility of Depression. Search for an online Depression Checklist and see if it fits. Adderall could be it though.

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Thank you

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Did you take medication for aniety? I am currently taking anxiety medication.. If so, did you have to go off it, or did the medication work with it

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How is it going? Are you still with us?

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Though Adderal will often trigger depressive episodes ,especially when seen at an increase

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I took Adderal for many many years. I take Vyvance now and like it a lot better.

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roghill in reply to Maryg66

what differences do you feel?

Hi Rog, same exact thing for me and I said it the same way you did to my s.o. and got the "huh?" look. I know exactly what you mean.

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Just started with this organization...I understand you statement. Just try to focus on what made this the best day of your life....I've been mucking around with all kinds of issues since my twenties. I would say to keep this in mind: You must find your own answers. Be active in tacking this issue...take initiative to find what works for you...don't beat yourself up about the issues/problems that attend this condition. Best of luck to you

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OH YEA it makes sense to me. As you will read, I was diagnosed at 45, and am 60 now. I am glad to have some chemical help, but not cured! I can beat myself up sometimes because I start so many things, my house is 147 works in progress (LOL). I am tardy almost always. I do not manage time well at all! No amount of clocks, calendars or alarms have given me a scaffold to keep my brain on task. Yet. I don't give up. I live alone and am retired- except for occasional self employment jobs. I have wondered about getting a part time job, just for some structure. So, that's me today, the last day of 2018. How is your life going?

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Do you feel that your ADHD is better after being diagnosed, and help from meds?

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roghill in reply to roghill

Yes, and no. It explained a lot , and I was able to stop beating my self up. Now the hard part is figuring out how to manage it, and even appreciate it. It does have certain benefits as well.

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I ‘get’ it.

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How did learning about having ADHD has changed your life for the better? Or worst? What has changed?

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I'm 71 years and diagnosed and tested 3 years ago. (test was literally off the charts. I scored a 14 where 12 was the max) Fortunately I was able to navigate my life without ever being put in a position of structure and/or discipline. My own personal philosophy: "Be just responsible enough to know you're irresponsible" I'm comfortably retired now with my one and only wife of 41 years. No kids (by choice) because we both knew I wasn't responsible enough to trust that I could handle them, but we do have the money that kids cost to manage this retirement. Not really happy without a purpose but try and get through every day as best I can.

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Hello, join the group! I was just diagnosed at age 69, Whaaaat?

The signs have been there all my life, and I finally had a counselor put all the pieces together and told me I had ADD. What a shock, but it made sense. I still do not like having Learning Diabilities, who knew that either, but I have been this way all my life and it is and was a great life. Let us make it better for all of us. I will be your wingman!

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