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Adderall ?

My doctor prescribed me 20mg of adderall to help in school, but how do I know if it's actually working or if my dose is too high? I take it 30-45mins before my classes start; like my doctor told me to, but once I'm sitting in my desk I copy the notes, get out my sticky notes and pens. bc I learn better when I see bold colors and I take the notes, at the same, but I still can't focus on what the teacher is saying. Also, I have to keep a bottle of water with me at all times, due to cotton-mouth, and I just fidget a little more by switching between pens and pencils, but about 4 hours later I always feel tired and drowsy, like I haven't slept in days.

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I hate sitting and being lectured too, I need interaction. Upper level classes were golden because classes were small and discussion was lively. I needed a pillow in lecture halls!

If you can't get the notes you need out of the lecture, find someone who's notes are well done per your needs and spot them a few bucks each week to copy them. I found this freed me up to better concentrate on the lecture.

I was actually better able to recall the gist of the lecture better this way, coupled with reviewing the superior notes of another.

4 hours is all Adderall is good for me too. Either second dose needed to avoid crash; or, perhaps more frequent lower dosages? I get the cotton mouth too!



I was not diagnosed till in my fifties, I did manange to get through medical school by doing the following . 1. I used a taperecorder for all classes 2. I took notes while in class, not worrying if I missed anything. 3. can play the recorder in your car when traveling 4. at night I went over the recording while adding to my notes. 4 . I made it a point to read my previous notes nightly. Now, there are various apps for your phone or computer that are helpfull, evernote is one. Most important, don't be hard on yourself . With regards to meds, not all are equal. Discuss with your doctor antianxiety meds along with ADD meds. There is a lab, gene site , they can test your DNA , and show which meds may be better for that individual. You can do this.


I'm 51 and recently diagnosed. I will use your suggestions! THANK YOU!


Talk to your student disability center. They can usually get you accommodations, like lecture notes, to help.


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