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Hi sorry didn't say hi

Yeh I've found an ADHD forum.

What a relief 😀.

So hi I've adult ADHD and was diagnosed at 40 and I'm 47 in a few weeks.

Wow what an impact taking meds has been.mostly good for sure

So how is every ones Adhd today.

Weekends are my hardest as I have no weekends it feels as though my meds don't work and I'm having a real problem typing on my iPad. It's like my muscles are all tight and twitchy

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My adhd is alright today. It is a bit better but I feel a bit more restless today


Yer me to.

I've settled down a little as found somet to do and had some more meds but just a little bit as it comes in capsules and I read you can split them and add it to soft food. It's all good though as it doesn't upset my colitis like Ritalin did


Are you on meds by any chance. ?


No my paediatritian suspects that I have adhd and I am going to get formally diagnosed soon.


That's wonderful.are you in uk or Usa ?

When they formally diagnose you .you want to ask for behaviour therapy.if they put you on a stimulant ,life will change almost instantly.

But remember as it changes so do you in a good patient and work hard on ur self and you will be rewarded will find that if they put you on a stimulant drug suddenly you will be able to have a very quiet will remember conversation and chatting to ppl will become so much easier.ive found that I can now take in so much information its mind blowing .i hope this helps you and gives you some away with any questions you may wish to answer

Have a great day 😇


Thank you sooo much. I will definitely ask for therapy as I need it to help put my life back on track. I just want to know what if I don't end up getting diagnosed with adhd. I have been feeling as if I have it for a couple of years and my doctor THINKS that there is a chance of me having it. But this feeling of uncertainty has made me delay things for a long time I am just worried.

What could I Do?

Thanks soo much

Have a great day!!!


DON'T DELAY!!! If you don't have ADHD, you move on to the next step in the diagnostic process.


I live in the uk


Hi! Did your starting medication cause any anxiety? I tried Vyvanse and had the worst anxiety of my life... It was kind of a let down :(

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That's what I've just started and no it didn't


It kinda does a little in the morning as it's takes a good hour to get working and makes you feel a little lethargic but after that it fires up just nicely. You have to give it at least a month. They start you on 30mg then after a week it's 50mg


Hi. Many aren't diagnosed until later in life but ADHD medication makes such a difference. Finally getting through the to do list - yah!


Maybe consider taking a drug holiday on weekends or only take your medicine when you really need it? Another reason to do it is that if you don't give your body a break from the stimulants, your body will build "tolerance" and the drugs will stop working, forcing you to either boost the dose or switch meds.


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