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Free Webinar for Building a Routine Around Energy Levels

ADHD coach Linda Walker is doing a free webinar on how to build productive routines that specifically cater to how ADHD energy levels fluctuate throughout the day, and I thought it was pretty neat.

Videos and workshop materials at:

From the e-mail:

"Personal productivity experts are unanimous in saying that to achieve success you must tackle things in order of priority. The 80/20 rule (Pareto Principle) suggests you can prioritize your way to improved productivity. However, since importance is not meaningful to ADHDers, standard approaches to prioritization don't work.

Traditional time management teaches you to schedule activities according to your commitments:

- Do things when other people (spouse, boss, co-workers, kids, etc.) ask (tell) you

- Work according to an imposed schedule (class times, store hours, appointments)

- Leave tasks to the last minute, scheduling around deadlines

However, that's the wrong approach for adults with ADHD, and it makes getting things done very difficult for you. Arranging your schedule according to your own energy patterns is the difference between climbing Mount Everest and strolling down a country lane."

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Sounds awesome! I'll check it out! Definitely wanting to get some forward movement at this point in my life!

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Awesome I hope it helps you!


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