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The comical part right now is I am currently doing this when I took my medication to work on my law school applications. I am a 51 year old woman changing careers. But I do desperately need an ADD form because I it affects my life at every turn. I was actually formally dx in about 2008 but a lot went bad in my life TBD and I have not been treated since then. Now my medical doctor was hesitate (understandably so, he's a great doc) but he prescribed 10 mg prn for studying (with a statement like but I am pretty certain a specialist would prescribe you 20mg) yea so I need 20 to study. I am glad there is some form here. But look I'm still procrastinating. I really need a specialist. Not sure my shrink is up for the task. Question and it is because I'm poor and on SSD Medicare from lupus. Does anyone know if neurologist still evaluate and treat ADD? because every psychiatrist specialist worth anything near me does not accept insurance.

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Find a Psychologist that specializes in ADULT ADHD. Google Pyschologists in your local area. Best of luck in your search.


A psychologist can diagnose and provided various aspects of treatment but not determine the appropriate pharmaceutical piece of treatment. Hey, but its about time my profession gets some credit. Lol


I go to a neurologist and he has me on the right meds and is amazing! I'd suggest going to your GP, get a referral to a good neuro and they will have you on the right medication in no time


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