Sleeping issues

Hello everyone,

My college have just started and i am facing this issue -- i tend to sleep between my lecture its like a someone just switched off my brain .

I am taking my meds regularly , exercising in morning, sleeping on time . Any information will be helpful was diagnosed with ADHD and social anxiety

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  • What meds do you take? Are you diagnosed with any sleeping disorders? There are conditions that will cause what you are describing.

  • I am taking bupron 150 xl , twice a day and i am not diagnosed with any sleeping disorder.

    What information do you know?

  • Find a Board Certified Sleep Specialist and/or a sleep lab in your area and have a polysomnography done. Also, if you like, go to Facebook and search for Idiopathic Hypersomnia. A lot of good people there, including me, can give you support with your symptoms and testing and treatment options. Good Luck. I'd bet money you have Narcolepsy.

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