Hope floats...

Hello, n Happy New Year!

This is so new to me that I'm worried I'll keep rambling on and on... My brother tells me I'm better when I write, rather than when I'm simply talking, which is true... So, let me start by admitting that I have been trying to get my diagnosis from my GP, after years of struggling without having any idea how much I needed the help. I've got two daughters, one with ADD and the older with 9Pminus syndrome and it's associated Learning Difficulties. It was my Cousin who suggested I seek help. He has ADHD too and we met after 10 years last month. ( he lives in Australia).

I am hoping a formal diagnosis will open avenues such as medical help because I've been struggling a lot more recently. I'm not able to sleep more than four hrs a night since 25 odd years, I forget where I keep things even if I accidentally moved them myself. I am aware I'm disorganised and need writing things down and keep things going by making routine-charts, To-Do lists ( daily) and list everything.

Can anyone suggest what and how to tell the GP I'd like to be assessed, please??


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