How do I become a functional adult

I’m 23, living and working in manhattan diagnosed with ADD and Anxiety in 2012. I take vyvanse.

I am struggling to find and stick to routines that will help me. I moved in July and have pretty much just let my impulsivity run wild, and I feel so out of control. I used to be healthy and now I treat my body like shit. I resist all things I know I should do. Yesterday I had a panic attack, something that hasn’t happened to me since my sophomore year of college in 2013. I know that if I take care of myself I will start to see things come together but I can’t motivate myself. I’ve let it go on so long now that I am actually depressed. I knew I was doing it the whole time, but I lied to myself and just lived like someone who doesn’t have ADD.

I want to get back on track, I have to or I will hit bottom and I don’t want to know how far down that is from here. But I’m not sure where or how to start. I don’t like to talk to my family or friends about how I really feel when I’m like this, I hide it. Because I don’t want anyone to worry about me or think that I am failing or disagree with my choices. I

I need to feel accountable to someone, other than myself in order to succeed. But I can’t afford a therapist like I had when i was in college and this happened last.

Does anyone have any cheap or more convenient help?

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  • I’m a mom of an adhd daughter who I love very much. Congrats on graduating from college-my daughter failed out and is hoping to go back. When she isn’t doing well she shuts out the very people who love her and want to help. It’s very frustrating because I know she wants to and can succeed. Take a risk and a first step and reach out to someone (maybe your mom) and tell them how you really feel and what you need. Let them help you figure out a plan to move forward. God bless you.

  • A big step in reaching out to this community! Owning what it is going on and asking for help takes emotional courage and vulnerability. Glad you are here!

    I am curious as to what books you've read or listened to on adult ADHD. It was actually a couple of them that brought some insightful Ah-ha moments on things I could do.

    What would you think about reaching out to a friend after you've come up with a plan - just one thing you could do to make an improvement? Then the friend could be your accountability partner to hold you to a commitment of a new way of managing your life?

    A life coach that works with adult ADHD people is a great resource and prices vary. I have a family member who really found working with one beneficial to her life and now her career life is amazing too.

    Like many things, one step at a time, a day at a time, get you to a better place.

    Blessings to you.

  • Hello Bridget, can you remember any strategies that helped when you felt this way in the past?

  • I understand how you feel 100 percent!

  • So I seriously ask myself the exact same thing everyday. It’s hard. I’m still trying to figure this all out myself but the best thing I’ve learned through therapy is you have to start small. Like reeaalllyyy small. Make small goals to accomplish in your day that could help you. I know for exercise is great for ADD but actually getting to the gym? Sometimes that just can’t happen. Think ahead and make your small goal. Like I will step outside today. Then when you get use to doing that, add on. Spend time outside. Say you’ll go for a 5 minute walk. Things like that. I’m not sure if that makes sense but it’s something I got from therapy and it has to do with building your confidence and working on routine. Just start small. 😊

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