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I’m wondering after my failed fall semester, maybe traditional campus college isn’t my best bet. Does anyone know of a flexible, adult friendly way to earn a college degree? Or, maybe my current job as a nanny isn’t the most ideal job and I need to get a different job with less hours (I work many 9-10 hour days and overnights when the parents travel)

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  • Hi stjim, there is an online accredited college that has a free business administration degree which I think is good in any field. Here is the link.

    Good luck

  • Hello!

    There are many online programs -with a big range in costs. A place to try online for free to see if it is a good fit is EdPlus - through ASU and their Global Freshmen Academy. Here is the page:

  • Hello. University of the People was also recommended. I really would like to try computer science (today and yesterday it looked looks interested) I continue to change direction and need to stick to a college plan once I find one.😕

  • Hi.

    What is your reason for the degree? To find a job in a specific field?

    The University of the People looks interesting! You would want to see if the classes would transfer to a different college if you changed to a major they don't offer. I did not see any accreditation, which is important to some employers as well.

  • ? UK based but has international students. Everyone here says it's great.

  • although, it may be comparatively expensive, just noticed the University of the People looks ... free (ish) !

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