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Hi - I'm new here. Struggling with my adult son's ADD. Has anyone had luck with non-stimulant meds? Like Wellbutrin? Vyvanse turns my son into a different person and we are looking at options. I appreciate any feedback you may have.

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  • Hi scout 62 , i am on wellbutrin for 2 weeks now i was diagnosed with ADHD and social anxiety disorder .

    From my personal experience i think it is a slow process . I cant say things have improved or not . Actually things have improved its just me who doesnt want to change things mentally.

    I hope your son shine like a shimiring 🌟 one day .

  • Thank you! I hope you feel better soon!

  • We had such a rough time on Concerta that we tried Strattera and Intuniv before finally giving Vyvanse a try. I was told that one of the stimulant types would likely suit him better than the other, and that was definitely true. That said, my son only takes 3/4 of a capsule and we pair it with a small amount of guanfacine because every single ADHD medication becides guanfacine exacerbated his meltdowns. It turns out that almost all ADHD medications increase norepinephrine (adrenaline). Our family doesn’t seem to metabolize norepinephrine very well, so that means it ends up floating around in our bloodstream causing things like meltdowns. Luckily, guanfacine is good at helping with that problem. Since stimulants are the most effective, I’d at least give Concerta a try. Start at a super low dose if you can (we pour the powder from the Vyvanse capsule into water and measure it out). And pair it with a tiny (half a pill even) dose of short acting guanfacine if your kiddo becomes more aggressive or has giant tantrums/meltdowns. Obviously only if your child’s Dr. agrees :). Good luck, whichever route you take!

  • Thank you!

  • Thank you for the feedback. We first tried Strattera (made him physically ill); next was Metadate; then Vyvanse; then Adderall and now back to Vyvanse. I find it makes him irritable and agitated. Very moody. He also takes Lexapro for anxiety. He is up very late - if not all night - and sleeps all day. I really don't like the stimulants for him which is why I was asked by about Wellbutrin.

  • If your son does have problems metabolizing norepinephrine, Wellbutrin could be a bad idea because it’s a norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. I had a horrible experience with that one. If the addition of guanfacine doesn’t help with the stimulant experience, your son’s psychiatrist might have to think outside the box. As for sleep, people with ADHD and autism frequently experience sleep phase disorders. I struggled with that and so does my mom. Vyvanse helped, especially if I stuck with it at the same time every day. I hope your son finds a good solution!

  • I'm on Straterra and I have found that I absolutely need to eat something before taking it and then the "physically ill" thing is WORLDS different. Mild/totally manageable funny feeling, if anything, as opposed to "Oh god I need to lie down," even with just a small breakfast like a clif bar and an apple. This is the only medication I have tried (late-in-life diagnosis plus I wasn't "allowed" to try a stimulant because I smoke pot and am therefore considered a substance abuser), so I can't compare, but I do feel like it helps me get organized and work on one task at a time. I also switched to one pill in the morning and one at night, rather than two in the morning, and by the evening I have been eating enough throughout the day that I don't get that sickly feeling. It does dampen my appetite a bit, but I just make sure to eat regularly, and once I start eating I enjoy the food and am able to eat a normal amount. I also take a small amount of melatonin to help me transition toward sleepy time; I have ALWAYS struggled with "insomnia" but more than anything it's the getting-to-bed/falling-asleep part, and I am able to sleep PLENTY once I get sleeping. :) Sounds like he can too.

    I can't say what would be good for a younger person and of course I'm not a doctor, but that is my experience. Best of luck! Report back if you think of it! :)

  • Hi, I'm new here as well. Son and husband both working through challenges of ADHD. Vyvanse was nasty for both. Son's dr focused on depression now and then will figure out ADHD med. taking low dose welbutrin with mood stabilizers. Not so anxious now but still very sad and unable to stay in school. It's tough, huh?

  • I think Strattera is a non stimulant with good results.

  • Hello I'm 30, I'm on Adderall (6yrs) and Wellbutrin xl ( I've been on it for about 2 months) the Adderall was amazing at first now I'm at a standstill, the Wellbutrin Definitely did help n managed my moods as well without having to take depression meds like Prozac ect it also has zero side effects for me which is rare with meds

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