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63 years old diagnosed with ADHD.

63 years old recently diagnosed With ADHD after a miserable attempt to do 50 tasks with no completion of any.

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Take a breath and recognize the very substantial cause for your incomplete items. I am 61 and was officially diagnosed over the summer. Meds help; but, are not a game changer.

There are too many uncompleted projects in my life too. Some important, some less. But they all weigh on me, mentally taking a toll.

Taking on one task at a time, even at the expense of another one is proving to be very productive. Even tackling the lesser ones AND completing them is a huge feeling of satisfaction. It makes taking on the more important ones more doable

Try alternating between simple tasks and bigger ones. Your 50 items will become only 45; your 45 will soon be 40, etc.

Trying to get them all done in the next 30 days won’t happen, so why beat yourself up over it? That recipe will result in still having 50 tasks undone 30 days from now... just like it probably was 30 days ago. Heck, doing things the same way as you always have may even result in 60 unfinished tasks!

We’re not yet too old to accomplish many dreams in the time left to us. Think of yourself as a car with a 12 cylinder engine but the spark plug wires have been crossed for years, now you know why your beautiful engine that promised so much potential ran like crap. ADHD is very treatable and you’ve got a 12 cylinder engine... that’s a pretty good thing to have!



I appreciate your words Chuck.

I find I can get some stuff done..but usually something suffers somewhere else downstream. Details make me crazy. I have no concept of linear time..past present and future all collide in my overwhelm is a constant battle.

That being mentioned you are 61..I am 50...and at a point where I am piecing together the specs on that "beautiful engine" you described and wondering WTH happened. Potential got eclipsed by the muck and mire of trying like hell to do my bestest.

What might your advice or thoughts be for the midlife ADHD guy who's looking ahead with hope and trepidation because looking back (although quite really see the long term impacts of unmanaged ADHD) ...also fills me with regret...

I find it difficult to find good doctors who can prescribe without messing me up. So I am not taking meds. I want to..but need a proper doc.





I can definitely relate to your reply. But, you do have time to get back in the game. New goals that interest you might make a difference, it did for me.

I hate clicking keys on my phone. Takes so much longer than saying it. Conversing over coffee, beer, or the fender of a worthy car would be preferred.

Where abouts are you?


Yes goals...I am aiming ton

work with an ADHD get some clarity around this.

I am in Canada! About 2hrs north of Toronto.

I see you are in USA

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This is my second battle with a mental health or emotion struggle. I had a long battle with PTSD and that took on opiate addiction and fortunately winning the latter if I can concentrate long enough to do the right things to keep me squared away.

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Hi Pauly, congrats on fighting your addiction. We are stronger than we realize... there's something about this illness that helps us power through big things often much better than other people. We're resilient. I wish you all the best.


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